Host Feedback for
Amy Stewart

Amy Stewart’s visit to Wallingford was an unqualified success. She captivated a large audience. Listeners were fascinated by how she stumbled upon Constance Kopp’s story and impressed by the extent of her research into Kopp’s life and adventures. She was clear, thoughtful, engaging, and often very funny. Audience members had lots of questions for Amy, and she was a terrific sport about answering every one. Afterwards, readers stood on a long line waiting for her to sign their copies of Girl Waits with Gun, and everyone was delighted that Amy brought stamps bearing the real signatures of some of the people in the book. Library staff and patrons were still talking about the evening for several days after Amy’s visit.
— Wallingford One Book
Amy, you are a class act!! My phone is ringing off the hook with praise for the evening. I can’t wait for your next book!
— Carmel Public Library Foundation
Our audience was buzzing with rave reviews after Amy Stewart’s talk on Girl Waits with Gun. She insightfully wove together newspaper clippings, photographs, and more, taking us inside her head and into her research and writing process to bring this fantastic historical novel to life. Amy is a dynamite speaker – both eloquent and witty. We can hardly wait to find out what happens next in the series featuring the Kopp sisters!
— Dallas Museum of Art - Arts & Letters Live
Amy Stewart had our audience enthralled with her recent presentation at Books in Bloom. Smart, articulate and funny, her talk had it all, and with her recent foray into fiction, her appeal has broadened, making her truly an ideal guest author for any literary event. We’ve already heard from many delighted attendees who were thrilled to have been able to meet her and hear her speak.
— Books In Bloom Literary Festival
Thank you for taking time out of your busy book tour to come to our library to do your excellent presentation on your book. You brought the audience with you on your journey to learn about the flower business from its beginning to the current stage. The people who came to the program all enjoyed your talk. It was a pleasure meeting you and hearing you talk about something you seem to be very passionate about.
— Los Angeles Public Library
We read and discussed her first book, Girl Waits with Gun, in two of our library’s book groups prior to her talk, so that helped spread the word about this marvelous series. Amy is an engaging speaker and weaves into her talk a lot of fascinating historical tidbits that she learned in the course of her research, so even people who hadn’t read any of the books found it interesting.
— St. Charles Parish Library
St. Charles.png
We heard from tons of people that this year’s Spokane Is Reading was the best yet and it was because of Amy’s great book and her informative and entertaining presentation! Thank you Amy for inspiring so many people not just to read but to speak up to right a wrong like Constance Kopp did all those years ago. Awesome!
— Spokane Is Reading