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Talks and Topics:

  • Swastika Nation: American Nazism and White Supremacists: Then and Now

  • Bath Massacre: School Killings Then and Now

  • Writing for Business/Writing for Pleasure

  • Researching and Writing Your Story

  • Creative Writing in Corporate Communications

Arnie Bernstein

Arnie Bernstein is a Chicago based nonfiction author and writing teacher.  His book Swastika Nation: Fritz Kuhn and the Rise and Fall of the German-American Bund is the outlandish true story of 1930s American Nazis and the disparate coterie of politicians, journalists, Hollywood stars, everyday citizens, and even members of the Jewish mafia who brought down the Bundists and their leader Fritz Kuhn to an inglorious end.  Arnie’s work was praised by The New York Times, Publishers Weekly, The Chicago Tribune, and many others.  Additionally, Swastika Nation was translated for Polish audiences and has been optioned by Hollywood.

Arnie is also author of Bath Massacre: America’s First School Bombing, the heart wrenching true story of the first mass school killing in American history.  On May 18, 1927, in the small town of Bath, Michigan, a madman blew up the local school with caches of dynamite he had secreted in the building’s basement over the course of many months.  Thirty-eight children and six adults died, including the killer who blew himself up in his truck.  The next day his wife was found burned beyond recognition after the killer set his home ablaze in a raging inferno.  Bath Massacre was honored by a Notable Book selection by the State Library of Michigan.

Arnie is a popular speaker on the phenomenon of American Nazism and the horror of mass murder in schools.  He has appeared on MSNBC, National Geographic Channel, American Heroes Channel, public television, and NPR, as well as numerous podcasts, newspapers, magazines, and new media outlets.  He has also been interviewed by overseas media including the BBC, and outlets in Ireland, Australia, Poland, and Russia.

Arnie is a virtuoso when it comes to the art and craft of writing.  He is an expert in transforming creative writing techniques into effective business communications.  Arnie teaches college writing, and runs workshops for adults, teenagers, and children.  He has presented at conferences for business in both Chicago and London, and at many colleges and universities nationwide.

Arnie is the recipient of a Puffin Foundation grant, winner of the Warner Brothers Comedy Writing Workshop, and has been honored for his work by both the Illinois State Library and the State Library of Michigan.  He hopes someday to be honored by the State Library of Hawaii.

Arnie Bernstein’s balanced perspective on a wide range of topics is refreshing and knowledgeable, equal parts historian and commentator.
— Conversations with Ed Tracy