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Dr. Darria Long Gillespie

Widely renowned as an expert in making life and health better for women, Dr. Darria Long Gillespie, MD MBA is a regular national TV health expert, author of the upcoming book Mom Hacks, board-certified Emergency Department physician and a digital health executive. Given her experience, she holds a unique, multifaceted perspective of the healthcare system.

Dr. Long Gillespie trained at Yale and Harvard Business School, before becoming an Instructor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She heads clinical strategy at leading digital health company Sharecare, is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee School of Medicine, and mom of two. Dr. Darria frequently appears on CNN, Fox News, Dr. Oz Show, and The Doctors, among others.

As an Emergency physician, Dr. Darria understands having too much to do in the most stressful of situations – and too little time to do it. She quickly learned techniques to save time – and lives. But when she developed autoimmune arthritis and went from running daily to barely able to walk, it was a wakeup call to find solutions for her own health challenges. Having turned around her own health, she now brings these same high-yield strategies for women and moms, to empower them to reclaim their health, harness their stressors, and become unstoppable.

Regarded as an authority on creating/executing/implementing digital strategies for health, Dr. Gillespie continues to practice medicine as an ER physician. Her unique position at the intersection of medicine, media, and business enables Dr. Gillespie’s deep understanding of the stakeholders necessary for transforming the way we think about health.

Dr. Darria is also a classically trained pianist, having studied at the Eastman School of Music, although now her musical performances consist of rousing renditions of Twinkle Twinkle or anything else that she can sing and play, to her two children. She resides in Atlanta, GA, with her husband, renowned hand surgeon Dr. Bryce Gillespie, her two children, and bullmastiff.

MOM HACKS is a book every household should have to help maintain and improve the health of their children, and themselves. Dr. Darria fills the book with real medical lessons distilled from her years in the ER, as well as her own experiences as a mom of two children. This is the perspective and information moms everywhere need to hear, today.”
— Sanjay Gupta, MD; CNN Chief Health Correspondent

Talks and Topics

  • Mom Hacks - Author Presentation & Book Signing

  • Health Hacks: The Tiniest Changes with the Biggest Gains

  • Mom Hacks: Fuel Your Inner Fire and Find Your “I’ve GOT This”

  • Mom Hacks: The Tiniest Science-Backed Shortcuts to Find Your “I’ve GOT This”

  • Rebelling Against “Mom, you won’t…” and Resetting Expectations of Today’s Mother

  • Lessons from the ER: Keeping Calm Amidst the Chaos and Finding Your “I’ve GOT This”

  • Is the Doctor “In”? The Future of Patient and Provider Experience and Engagement

  • Future Casting: The Amazon-ization of Healthcare and What it Means

  • How to Connect with Millennial Moms About Health

  • The Best Ways to Ensure That Your Women Employees Quit When They Become Moms

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