Trips to 50 Countries Helped Shape Kelsey Timmerman's WHERE AM I GIVING

Courtesy of Muncie Star Press
Posted Aug. 13, 2018

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Kelsey Timmerman said his latest book is going to make people uncomfortable about how they're giving back. Here's why.

In Where Am I Giving?, Kelsey Timmerman, a New York Times best-selling author, shares his own experiences learning about giving and encourages his readers to reflect on how they're helping others, which he said can be very uncomfortable for those who aren't doing quite enough. He feels that, too. He said that discomfort is the first step toward progress.

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"I feel like if you’re not doing anything to address at least some of the issues in the world, you should feel extra uncomfortable," Timmerman said. "There has to be awareness before there can be acceptance of some responsibility, and then action. I think there’s a lot that some people don’t want to be aware of." Read More...