Pace University Welcomes Imbolo Mbue for Convocation Keynote

Courtesy of Pace University
Posted September 5, 2018

convocation 2018.jpg

Pace University held its 11th Annual Convocation Ceremony in Pleasantville Tuesday. Convocation, the Latin word for “calling together” brought the freshmen class on campus to meet the wider Pace community.  Incoming Pace University students heard from Pace President Marvin Krislov, Provost Vanya Quiñones, fellow Pace students and award-winning author, Imbolo Mbue.

Imbolo Mbue gave the keynote speech. She is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Behold the Dreamers, which was read by the incoming class over the summer. Mbue's book is informed by her experience of being an African immigrant and the experiences of immigrants from around the world who shared their stories with her. Behold the Dreamers, by Imbolo Mbue, is a novel that weaves together the stories of two different families during the financial crisis of 2007-2008 in New York City.

Go get 'em, Class of 2020!