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A|U Monthly Muse - September 2019 (Remembering 9/11)

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SEPTEMBER 2019 - Remembering 9/11

9/11 was a horrific moment in American history. Unsurprisingly, the losses and repercussions of the day's terrorist attacks continue to shape the national consciousness, almost two decades later.

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New York Times bestselling author Mitchell Zuckoff was part of a Pulitzer-Prize nominated Boston Globe team that provided much-needed information in that uncertain time – he wrote the lead news story on the day of the attacks and continued 9/11 coverage thereafter. Fall and Rise, The Story of 9/11, is Zuckoff’s 2019 book, an epic portrayal of a terrible day. With an unflinching eye and devotion to detail, he not only recounts the horrors of 9/11, he likewise captures what else became evident that day: even during disaster, the strength of the human spirit persists.

2021 will mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11. It will be a time to celebrate the lives of those we lost and those who came to the rescue. It will also be a time to explore the myriad ways the events of that day have re-shaped the American identity. What better way to approach this conversation than to invite Mitchel Zuckoff into your community? Book now for fall 2021 events.


If you are looking for more hard-hitting nonfiction that unabashedly tackles difficult subject matter, look no further than these authors. In their own unique way, each serves up hope and ideas for change alongside the challenges they document: Elizabeth Rush, Lynne Olson, Jennine Capó Crucet, Laurie Halse Anderson, PW Singer.

A|U Monthly Muse - August 2019 (New Books Out This Fall)

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With Labor Day just around the corner and the first day of school fast approaching, the time has come to bid adieu to summer. Whether the days have been hazy, crazy, lazy, or just plain beautiful, it won’t be long before that telltale nip is in the air. It’s never easy to say goodbye to the season of warmth and play. If you find yourself searching for a reason to look forward to fall, this lineup of forthcoming titles will have you wishing for the sound of fallen leaves underfoot. Through fiction and nonfiction, these talented writers tackle a plethora of subjects. From recounting the true story of the Kindertransport rescue in Nazi Germany to an exploration of being Latinx in the Trump era and more, these books are hopeful while training an unflinching eye on past and present challenges.

A|U Monthly Muse - July 2019 (Reading with Kids)


July 2019: Reading with Kids

Summer has officially arrived. The end of school brings wide open days to kids of all ages, days that seem to stretch longer than usual. Whether your children’s days are filled with camps or vacations, sports or sleepovers, summer jobs or family time, longer days mean extra hours for reading. From picture books to young adult graphic novels, this month’s featured writers bring humor and tenderness to topics serious and light. These award-winning and nationally-renowned authors serve up stories that have the power to instill a lifelong love of reading… and we don’t have to tell—you who likely have fond memories of spending July afternoons in the shade of a leafed out tree—what a wonderful gift this is.

A|U Monthly Muse - June 2019 (Beach Reads)


June 2019: Beach Reads

As the days warm and spring shifts into summer, you might find yourself with an open afternoon and a beckoning chaise lounge. Whether you’re poolside, lakeside, or languishing on a beach, the longer days call for losing yourself in a good read. Beach reads come in all stripes and those written by this month’s featured writers, though different in topic and tone, all deliver engaging storytelling. In other words, you won’t want to put them down. Complete with intrigue and intelligence, these books prove that with deft treatment, powerful material can see the bright of day.

A|U Monthly Muse - May 2019 (Dark Worlds)


May 2019: Dark Worlds

From Grimm’s Tales to Game of Thrones, humankind have long been obsessed with the particular intrigue found in dark tales. Though these kinds of stories can be based on historical events, they also seem to reside on the edge of two worlds: the world of what might be and the world as we know it. Casting light into dark recesses, this month’s featured authors travel to this space between worlds to create new, vibrant ones. You’ll lose yourself entirely to these stories, willingly treading along in these dark, but transformative, worlds.

A|U Monthly Muse - April 2019 (Get Real)


April 2019: Get Real

Nonfiction titles range widely in topics and form, though all invite the reader to take a deep dive into true stories. From research to memoir to pithy essays about lived experienced, it’s easy to see why nonfiction is a favorite genre. Whether writing about the body, motherhood, or growing up in a polygamist family, this month’s highlighted authors write with a most refreshing type of frankness. There stories may differ from yours, but there’s definitely a universality in getting real.

A|U Monthly Muse - March 2019 (Spring into Action)


March 2019: Spring into Action

The shorter days of winter now behind us, the hustle and bustle of spring brings with it an innate sense of activity. Seize this momentum -- add books to your reading list that invoke a similar call to action. Writing from a range of experience, these three authors write about topics as relevant and diverse as immigration, vaccine-preventable diseases, and the art of listening.

A|U Monthly Muse - February 2019 (Love Stories)


February 2019: Love Stories

Love, as they say, “makes the world go round.” Affection comes in many iterations — from friendship to familial love to romantic love and everything in between. Since February offers perhaps the sweetest of all holidays, we invite you and those you love to imbibe in stories that traverse the thresholds of the human heart this month. Whether inspired by true events or wrought into tales that seem truer than life, these books are intimate portraits of love, intimacy, and human connection.

A|U Monthly Muse - January 2019 (Dealing with Grief)


January 2019: Dealing with Grief

Loss is an intrinsic part of the human experience, but that doesn’t make it an easy topic to discuss. It is oft said that words might even fail during these difficult times. While it can be challenging to put raw emotion into words, this month’s featured writers—via nonfiction and fiction alike—have found ways to deftly portray experiences of grief. Their beautifully-wrought books honors the grieving experience and invites readers to explore the tender complexities of something that each one of us goes through.

A|U Monthly Muse - December 2018 (Historical Inspirations)

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December 2018: Historical Inspirations

Looking for the perfect book to gift your friends and family this holiday season? Historical fiction is a genre that draws in nearly everyone, and novels based on real events and historical figures are even more likely to compel those on your list this year. These armchair historians and literary archeologists take inspiration from the past, sparking beautiful narratives that not only entertain, but enlighten. Happy Holidays!

A|U Monthly Muse - November 2018 (Books for Young People)

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November 2018: Books For Young People

With Thanksgiving break right around the corner, it's a great time to gather books for kids to read while off from school. We've got three amazing authors to suggest this month, who's books not only entertain, but provide inspiration, teachable moments, and important topics for further discussion around the dinner table.  It's a great time to schedule Spring 2019 school visits - be in touch with us soon to arrange an event!

A|U Monthly Muse - October 2018 (Books That Empower)

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October 2018: Books That Empower

Good books can be an outlet where we quench the thirst for release, but they also provide a space to resist, aspire, and transform. We hope you'll check out these three titles, filled with empowered characters and rousing themes from which to draw your own strength and renewal.

A|U Monthly Muse - September 2018 (Titles on the Horizon)

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September 2018: Titles on the Horizon

Sweater weather is almost here, and we're excited to curl up next to the wood stove with a new book! Check out these four exciting recent or forthcoming titles! 

A|U Monthly Muse - August 2018 (Great Reads for Hot Nights)

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August 2018: Great Reads for Hot Nights

Still looking for a good book to help beat the August heat?  Check out these three amazing titles that transport readers!  Madeline Miller's Circe is a blisteringly modern superwoman drawn from ancient myth. Jamie Ford's Love and Other Consolation Prizes shines light on a fascinating and tragic bit of forgotten history.  And Crystal Wilkinson's The Birds of Opulence illuminates a bucolic southern black township, and several generations of women who have vexing relationships with the land, one another, and the fight to survive.  Be sure to check out Wiley Cash's Open Canon Book Club (featuring The Birds of Opulence in September), where readers from across the country will gather in virtual discussion! Stay cool... and let us know what you're reading!

A|U Monthly Muse - July 2018 (Reading to Unite)

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July 2018: Reading to Unite

In a time when our country seems so divided, we see literature as a unifying force. Check out these wonderful titles that help frame productive conversations and build common ground!

A|U Monthly Muse - June 2018 (Summer Reading Suggestions)

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June 2018: Summer Reading List Suggestions

Whether you're lounging on the beach or swinging in a hammock, here are four books we highly recommend for your summer reading list!

A|U Monthly Muse - May 2018 (Community Reads Picks)

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May 2018: Community Reads Picks

Community Reads Programs take the idea of a localized book club and expand it to cover a whole community. The right book selection can initiate important conversations, and a culminating event with a bestselling author is the perfect way to engage your community's readers. A|U highly recommends these wonderful titles, which have collectively been adopted by hundreds of libraries and universities across the nation. Get in touch today for programming ideas and event feedback.

A|U Monthly Muse - April 2018 (Youth Advocacy)

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April 2018: Youth Advocacy

Young Americans are finding their voices in the wake of senseless tragedy, bridging the political divide with hope.  We're proud to recommend these three authors who continue to inspire, energize and empower today's youth. What better way to support your community's ongoing efforts to build common ground than through literature? Get in touch with us today to arrange an event!

Suicide Prevention

Global Citizenship

Special Needs
Foster Care/Adoption

A|U Monthly Muse - March 2018 (Women's History Month)

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March 2018: Women's History Month

Authors Unbound celebrates three amazing authors who continue to inspire, engage and empower readers everywhere. Get in touch with us today to plan your next event!