Amy Stewart

A|U Monthly Muse - August 2019 (New Books Out This Fall)

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With Labor Day just around the corner and the first day of school fast approaching, the time has come to bid adieu to summer. Whether the days have been hazy, crazy, lazy, or just plain beautiful, it won’t be long before that telltale nip is in the air. It’s never easy to say goodbye to the season of warmth and play. If you find yourself searching for a reason to look forward to fall, this lineup of forthcoming titles will have you wishing for the sound of fallen leaves underfoot. Through fiction and nonfiction, these talented writers tackle a plethora of subjects. From recounting the true story of the Kindertransport rescue in Nazi Germany to an exploration of being Latinx in the Trump era and more, these books are hopeful while training an unflinching eye on past and present challenges.

A|U Monthly Muse - December 2018 (Historical Inspirations)

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December 2018: Historical Inspirations

Looking for the perfect book to gift your friends and family this holiday season? Historical fiction is a genre that draws in nearly everyone, and novels based on real events and historical figures are even more likely to compel those on your list this year. These armchair historians and literary archeologists take inspiration from the past, sparking beautiful narratives that not only entertain, but enlighten. Happy Holidays!