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Crystal Wilkinson Has a Banner Summer!

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Posted: Aug 30, 2018

A|U author Crystal Wilkinson's novel, The Birds of Opulence, has been named the winner of the 2016 Appalachian Writers Association's Appalachian Book of the Year for Fiction. The multigenerational novel follows four generations of women in a bucolic southern black township as they live with and sometimes surrender to madness. This marks the fourth award The Birds of Opulence has won, including the Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence, the Weatherford Award for Fiction, and the Judy Gaines Young Book Award.

In addition to garnering awards and serving as the inspiration for public art, The Birds of Opulence was also named the debut selection of the Open Canon Book Club. The club was created by New York Times bestselling (and fellow A|U) author Wiley Cash to introduce readers to voices and portrayals of the American experience they may not have otherwise encountered in their day-to-day lives, their education, or their book club meetings. Each month, Cash will post discussion questions and host live book club discussions online and in independent bookstores.

Congrats, Crystal!

The Open Canon Book Club - THE BIRDS OF OPULENCE

An exciting announcement from Wiley Cash of the newly formed Open Canon Book Club!


I'm proud to announce the formation of the Open Canon Book Club and our September selection: The Birds of Opulence by Crystal Wilkinson. Thank you to the many bookstores and authors who are supporting this!

The Birds of Opulence.jpg

We live in a time when appealing to and listening to the diversity of America's voices are more important than ever. The goal of the Open Canon Book Club is to introduce readers to voices and portrayals of the American experience they may not have otherwise encountered in their day-to-day lives, their education, or their book club meetings. Literary diversity plays a vital role in making us understood to one another, and this hope of understanding is the hinge upon which our democracy swings.

Follow the link below to join the book club and receive information on member discounts from participating bookstores, news and updates on each month's selection, interviews, newsletters, and other exclusive content.

Wiley Cash & Lisa Wingate Win 2018 Southern Book Prizes!

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Posted July 5, 2018

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Congrats to A|U's Wiley Cash and Lisa Wingate who were honored with a 2018 Southern Book Prize. The Last Ballad won for Literary Fiction, and Before We Were Yours won for Southern Fiction.

The awards are presented annually on Independence Day by the Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance, an association of non-chain bookstores throughout the Southeast. Books are nominated by booksellers and their customers, and winners are selected by a jury of 10 booksellers.

“We need more women (and men) like Ella Mae Wiggins in this world. Someone who is willing to stand up for a better world no matter the cost. This is her story, and we are all better for having come to know it."” – George Williams, MoonPie General Store, Pigeon Forge, TN

“Lisa Wingate is a master storyteller, and I am particularly attached to her historical fiction. Each time I read one of the books, I learn of a part of our southern past that is mostly forgotten.” – Jill Hendrix, Fiction Addiction, Greenville, SC


Wiley Cash Speaks on the Value of Literacy

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Posted June 11, 2018

Wiley Cash will appear this Thursday at the Cape Fear Literacy Council annual Literacy Luncheon.  Ahead of his event, Wiley chats with CFLC Executive Director Yasmin Tomkinson and WHQR's Gina Gambony. Excerpt from their interview:


Yasmin:   This year is our ninth annual luncheon. We are very excited about it. The theme that runs through every element is perseverance. So that is the focus of our luncheon. But actually the other thing that is true about our luncheon is it's all about Wilmington. Our readers' theater performance, which is done by some of our adult learners, is about Althea Gibson and the title of it is "From Wilmington to Wimbledon." It is very engaging and entertaining and really informative as well. And then our keynote speaker this year is Wiley Cash.

Gina:      Wiley Cash, you are obviously a successful author and a professor. I'm wondering what kind of message you have for the literacy council luncheon?

Wiley:     Well, we're, no matter where my wife and I have lived, Mallory, we've always supported two organizations, in whatever community we've been in: public radio and literacy counsels, or literacy projects, because we believe in facts and dissemination of facts. And we also believe in helping people parse through those facts and read those facts and learn those facts. And in the state of North Carolina, there are estimates as high as 10 percent of adults have trouble reading prescriptions, reading rental agreements, helping their children with their homework ... and what the Cape for literacy council does, which is so amazing, is kind of bring those adults out of the shadows that can be very shameful and an embarrassing. And they've created an environment where people willingly go into the door and say, I need help. I need help doing this thing. And so that's what I really want to discuss at the luncheon on Thursday is just the intense bravery of these people who persist and come and say I need help. I need assistance. I mean, that's braver than anything we could do on this side of the educational experience, I think.

Read the full transcript here!

Anthology of Appalachian Writers to Honor Wiley Cash

The 9th volume, shown here, honored author Charles Frazier

The 9th volume, shown here, honored author Charles Frazier

Courtesy of The Intelligencer
Posted May 14, 2018

The 10th volume of Shepherd University’s anthology series honors novelist Wiley Cash, a former member of the English faculty of Bethany College. Cash, who wrote his celebrated first novel while teaching at Bethany, has had two other acclaimed novels published since returning to his native North Carolina.

The anthology series, published by Shepherd University and the West Virginia Center for the Book, features poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction of writers in the region and across the nation.

A|U Monthly Muse - May 2018 (Community Reads Picks)

May 2018 MM Quote.jpg

May 2018: Community Reads Picks

Community Reads Programs take the idea of a localized book club and expand it to cover a whole community. The right book selection can initiate important conversations, and a culminating event with a bestselling author is the perfect way to engage your community's readers. A|U highly recommends these wonderful titles, which have collectively been adopted by hundreds of libraries and universities across the nation. Get in touch today for programming ideas and event feedback.