Writing is a full time job.  We understand that most of our favorite authors are also juggling their professional work, family life, publisher commitments - and finding time here and there to relax!  Our goal is to free authors from the sometimes-tricky hurdles that come with managing appearance schedules, not to mention the never-ending job of promoting their books for literary programming nationwide.

But most importantly, we aim to build relationships with authors. We make a commitment to every author we work with to provide prompt, respectful and clear communication - working toward professional friendships that extend beyond a single event. We're not the biggest agency out there, but our love of literature and its craft is second to none.

To that end, we've designed two different tracks for authors who are passionate about connecting with live audiences:

A|U Supported Author Track

These are the authors we work most closely with, on a non-exclusive basis. When we on-board a new Supported Author, we take the time to get to know you, exploring what you love most about doing events and how we can create the best experience possible for all involved.

  • We design a custom profile page for A|U Supported authors on our website, coordinate with publishers to distribute books for committees to review, and actively promote these titles to our hosts in targeted outreach.

    • Once an author is shortlisted by one of our hosts, we provide marketing collateral, testimonials, programming ideas and promotional support to champion its adoption.

  • A|U Supported Authors list us on their website as the contact for speaking engagements.

    • We receive each inquiry and work with the host to find partners, develop budgets, and prepare a detailed invitation to review with the author.

    • Knowing the author's needs, we make sure the offer is customized to their specific preferences.

    • Each and every offer is presented to the author, no matter the circumstances.

    • It's hard to say no! When it becomes clear, after conferring closely with the author, that an event just won't work, we can decline graciously on their behalf.

  • Once an event invitation is accepted by the author, we handle all event contracts between the host and the author, collect payments and expense stipends, arrange advance media promotion, and electronically remit honorarium to the author immediately upon receipt.

  • Leading up to the event, A|U coordinates all logistics with the host, including home-city and event-city transportation, flights, car service, hotel accommodations, incidental expenses, minute-by-minute event itineraries, and presentation needs. When possible, we arrange a conference call with the author and host, so that everyone gets to know each other and what to expect.

  • Once we've booked an event, we always offer to find "Bookend Events" for A|U Supported Authors - which are additional events scheduled in the area on either end of the trip, so that we can maximize an author's time and effort when traveling, and help them find new audiences!

    • Already have a trip planned outside of your hometown? Let us know and we can work to find Bookend Events even when an event isn't already scheduled.

  • We are tireless advocates. Our business is two-pronged, with authors on one end and hosts on the other. Since we work with selection committees year round, we always recommend our A|U Supported Authors first, and identify new markets where their visits match perfectly with program goals.

  • No exclusivity! Many authors are lured into exclusive contracts that can limit their ability to do events as and when they like. We'll never ask you to sign an exclusive contract, knowing that unless we're both happy working together, exclusivity is needlessly prohibitive.

A|U Recommended Author Track

These are authors who have come highly recommended by our hosts, or who we've identified as excellent speakers with titles that appeal to literary audiences everywhere. Whether these authors work with a speaker's agency or prefer to handle their inquiries directly, A|U submits event invitations on behalf of our hosts, and co-broker engagements when necessary.

  • We list authors, their titles, approved bios and a direct link to the author's website on our web page. We never claim to represent these authors, and will forward all interest to the author (or their representative) directly.

    • We regularly send our hosts to our A|U Supported and Recommended Authors web page, where they can acquaint themselves with programming possibilities.

  • When we're working with a host who has specific program goals (topic, audience, region, etc), we recommend these authors as excellent possibilities.

  • Once an event invitation is accepted by the author, we handle all event contracts between the host and the author, collect payments and expense stipends, arrange advance media promotion, and electronically remit honorarium to the author or their agent immediately upon receipt.

  • We're committed to arranging events that work best for you, and will be involved only as much as you request once the invitation has been accepted.

We love to hear from authors who are interested in scheduling quality events! Use the address below to send us your bio, URL, and books/topics you feel might work well for our hosts.