How it works

At Authors Unbound, building meaningful relationships is our highest priority. As a small, quality-driven agency we take the time to get to know the hosts we collaborate with, and work closely on every detail from start to finish. We're proud of our strong, long-lasting partnerships with hundreds of hosts across the country.

No matter where you're at in the process, A|U can offer expert guidance.  We love to brainstorm with hosts on programming goals, recommend authors and most of all... talk about books.

Interested in a specific author?  We can provide fee information, feedback from previous hosts, check schedules, and negotiate event details. We can usually introduce you directly with speakers, but also have solid relationships with many publishers and agencies, and are happy to broker engagements at no additional cost to you.

Or maybe you're just starting to think about a future event? A|U can share inspiring success stories, work with you to develop programming budgets, provide invaluable information as you prepare your shortlist, support your marketing efforts and serve as a sounding board for your ideas.

What We Do

  • Provide the information you'll need as you consider possible speakers including fee, expenses, bulk book quotes, review copies and testimonials from previous hosts.
  • Introduce you to authors and titles that have worked well with similar programs around the country.
  • Help negotiate fee and expenses that work with your budget!
  • Help you prepare a formal invitation and explore scheduling opportunities.
  • Draft event contracts and handle all invoicing for fee and expenses.
  • Collaborate with you on marketing efforts, and provide author photos, book cover images, poster templates and advance media.
  • Connect you with community partners and fundraising opportunities.
  • Arrange book support at your event, and connect you with vendors who can provide excellent discounts for bulk book purchases.
  • Work through all the event logistics including detailed event itineraries, travel arrangements, and accommodations.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've put together my long list of possible authors/titles.  Now what?
A|U can help you vet this list based on your available budget, programming goals, and feedback from previous hosts around the country. We can also get you review copies for the committee to read, and any other information that will help as you make the final decision. 

How much do authors/speakers cost?
This really does vary, depending on the author. However, we will always work to find an author that will fit your budget and topics that meet your goals. An appearance fee can range anywhere from $1,500 to $40,000, and the A|U fee is contained in the author's honorarium. Appearance fees do not include expenses, and the host is responsible for airfare, ground transportation, accommodations, meals and incidentals. The fee typically includes a 45-minute presentation, followed by Q&A and book signing (lots of flexibility here, depending on your event), and we require book sales and support at each event.

Can't I just get an author on tour for free?
It's true that authors are sometimes sent on a publicity tour by their publishers, and a few lucky hosts might find themselves conveniently located to take advantage of publisher-supported events. However, in recent years these tour stops have been steeply curtailed or require significant bulk book purchases. Likewise, many of the hosts we work with are seeking to meet specific program goals that require a particular title or author.  In those cases, we do our very best to help negotiate fees/expenses that work with your budget.

So, what's your charge?
The simple answer is our services come at no cost to you. Our fee is deducted from the gross honorarium paid to the author. That means that once the fee and expenses are negotiated and finalized, there are absolutely NO additional charges, even if you take advantage of every single added value service we have to offer.

What if the speaker I want isn't an author?
No worries! We can help connect you with anyone you might be interested, regardless if they are a published author or not. We can also suggest possible alternative speakers who can address your goals and program topics when the author of a selected title isn't available.

I'd like to start a Common Read program in my library/community/school.
Helping to launch a brand new One Book program is one of our specialties. We can let you know what to expect as you start planning, what titles work especially well for your specific goals, provide a checklist of important tasks and deadlines,  and strategies to build your "brand" so that your program earns support and continues to grow.