From New York Times bestselling author and blogger Heather B. Armstrong comes an honest and irreverent memoir—reminiscent of the New York Times bestseller Brain on Fire—about her experience as one of only a few people to participate in an experimental treatment for depression involving ten rounds of a chemically induced coma approximating brain death.

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Heather Armstrong

Heather B. Armstrong is a speaker, a writer, a brand consultant, and a Trivial Pursuit answer. Yes, the game with the pie pieces. 

Heather has unsurpassed experience in the digital space. She is a pioneer in the world of online writing and advertising and her website, dooce®, was one of the first personal websites to sign with Federated Media Publishing in 2005. In the 14 years that Heather has been shaping the internet writing community, she’s worked to create targeted content for numerous global brands - including Ford, Nintendo, and Clorox – and written a New York Times Best Seller, It Sucked and then I Cried: How I Had a Baby, a Breakdown, and a Much Needed Margarita. Her forthcoming memoir, The Valedictorian of Being Dead, is an honest, self-deprecating, and scientifically fascinating look at a groundbreaking new treatment for depression.

Her writing – from client work to personal pursuits to “mommy blogging”– reads with an unmistakable honesty that resonates with real people in the real world. You know, the one OUTSIDE the Internet. Heather has been featured in several national publications, numerous television programs, and a handful of the most exciting legal textbooks that student loan money (or fancy trust fund checks) can buy. She also serves on the board of directors for Every Mother Counts and served on the board of directors for the local affiliate of NAMI until 2014.

Born in Bartlett, Tennessee, Heather finally found home in Salt Lake City after a brief stint in Los Angeles, which is probably where she developed her love for exclamation points, or expletives, or both. When she isn’t working with brands, writing on her website, or speaking to audiences at various events around the world, she’s probably spending time with her two lovely daughters and their insane herding dog while maintaining her ever-so-slight southern drawl.

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Talks and Topics

  • The Valedictorian of Being Dead, Author Presentation

  • It Sucked and Then I Cried, Author Presentation

  • The Work/Life Balance in a Connected World

  • Tactics for Parents with Children Active in the Digital Space

  • The Rise and Fall of Personal Blogging as an Industry

  • The Rise and Danger of Sponsored Content in Social Media

  • How to Respond to Criticism on Social Media, Both From a Personal and PR Perspective (“The Courage of Compassion”)

  • Using One’s Platform for Social Good

  • Web Design and Treating User with Respect Through Design

  • Social Media Strategies for Businesses

Heather Armstrong is one of the most original voices I’ve come across. It’s not just that she chooses the right words, but she has a unique and sideways view of life that makes whatever she’s writing about seem vital, fun and interesting.
— John Dickerson, CBS News

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