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Jamie Ford

Jamie Ford delivers an enthusiastic and engaging program. His books are wonderful and have a dedicated following. His stories about his inspiration, not to mention his research methods, are endearing and memorable. We’d love to have Jamie visit again!
— Schlow Centre Region Library
Our 2018 One Book program here in Monroe has been one of our most successful with guest Jamie Ford’s talk as the highlight. Jamie was very well received by students, faculty and the community at large. He provided wonderful insights about his writing career to students and was readily at ease in answering their many questions. In the evening Jami’s presentation was really engaging. The audience totally enjoyed his humorous anecdotes about the life of a best-selling author whose book has now become “homework” Jamie was very easy going and I really appreciated his willingness to comply with any schedule we put together. Jamie’s conversation with the students was just wonderful. He was so open and generous with his thoughts and impressions. Thank you for bringing him to campus—he was terrific!
— Monroe County, One Book One Community 2018
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Grosse Pointe Public Library

Grosse Pointe Public Library

I should preface this testimonial by saying that when I first began looking into hosting Jamie Ford, I told the agent that if she could get him for my event, I would do cartwheels down the main street of my town. THE HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET is one of my favorite books, which is no small declaration from a librarian, and it is perennially popular with our patrons and their book club. I also thoroughly enjoyed SONGS OF WILLOW FROST, so when I saw that Jamie’s newest book would be released just a couple of months before our third annual Authors to The Pointe luncheon, and that he was available and interested in speaking at the event, I was thrilled, to put it mildly. Sometimes an author’s book personality is far removed from his or her real-life personality, but having followed Jamie on social media, I gathered that would not be the case with him. He was every bit as gracious, charming, witty, and generally wonderful as I had hoped. The feedback from our attendees was uniformly glowing, and those of us on staff who shared the table with him at lunch were frankly smitten. Our bookseller at the event sold out of HOTEL ON THE CORNER OF BITTER AND SWEET, and very nearly sold out of LOVE AND OTHER CONSOLATION PRIZES. In the months since our event, many of my library patrons – both those who had read his other books and those who were new to him at that luncheon - have made a point of reaching out to me to tell me how much they enjoyed LOVE AND OTHER CONSOLATION PRIZES. I cannot think of any audience of readers who would not be delighted by both Jamie’s books and presentations.
Jamie was a great choice. He was very kind, open, friendly, and adaptable. He welcomed all inquiries graciously. It was fun to learn more about how he developed his book.
— Bloomington Reads
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Jamie was great—the kids and faculty raved about his talk afterward, and he was warm and engaging with everyone he spoke with. We were so fortunate to have him visit, and I’d highly recommend him to any high school.
— Seattle Prepatory High School
We absolutely loved working with Jamie Ford. He hit the sweet spot of our audience: he was smart, funny and engaging...we couldn’t have asked for a better guest author.
— Ridgewood Library Luncheon
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We are so proud to call Jamie a friend of Bernie’s Book Bank and former Book Lovers’ Lunch author. Jamie was so engaging and authentic as our guest author; and masterful in his ability to integrate details about his life, writing AND our mission during his remarks. The audience loved it and we feel so lucky to say he’s a member of the group of authors who have spoken for us at our Book Lovers’ Events.
— Bernie's Book Lovers' Lunch
Jamie was a headliner at the 2017 Kentucky Book Fair. From the very beginning, Jamie was enthusiastic, cooperative, and engaged. He guested on our podcast, and used his social media to generate excitement amongst his fans about his appearance. He even helped me choose the menu for his Pacific Northwest-themed luncheon event! On the day of the event, Jamie arrived on time and ready to talk to patrons and sign books. His first event was our Literary Luncheon, which was sponsored by a very prestigious private college and attended by readers who know and love Jamie, and those who wanted to check him out for the first time. While waiting for the event to begin, Jamie talked with every volunteer and staff member working the luncheon, and made a special effort to talk with a 13-year old writer, the youngest author to participate in the Book Fair. His talk captivated the audience – including the sponsor. He took time to speak with every attendee and signed everyone’s books. He was an asset to the event, and is welcome back to Kentucky anytime he likes!
— Kentucky Book Fair
The Tuckahoe Woman’s Club had the good fortune to host Jamie Ford in October of 2017. Jamie charmed the 400 members with his talk Love and Other Consolation Prizes. Members comments included: Entertaining,Down to earth, Extremely interesting, Excellent, Great fun, Very personable, Wonderfully engaging...And I could go on but I think you get the idea. Our Board gave him high ratings. We highly recommend him for any group.
— Tuckahoe Woman's Club
Jamie Ford’s visit to our campus was delightful and compelling. He engaged warmly and honestly with students about human rights, politics, ethics, and creative writing. His excellent sense of humor and openness welcomed students, faculty, staff, and community members from all around to talk and think about critical questions of our history and contemporary world.
— Central Michigan University
Jamie is a relaxed, engaging speaker who presents his writing with humor, some self-deprecation, and kindness. I would highly recommend him.
— Poughkeepsie Library
Jamie was the ideal speaker for our annual Stephen Ambrose Memorial Lecture in 2018. The Library Foundation partnered with the Montana Human Rights Network, and Humanities Montana to host a crowd of more than 400 Helenans to hear Jamie’s riveting story and good humor. Jamie created a lecture that was perfect for our theme of Transforming Hate. His topic Racebending was perfectly tailored for the event. His story is thoughtfully told with humor and well-researched facts. We should have Jamie speak every year!
— Lewis & Clark Library Foundation
Jamie Ford was the ideal speaker. He was engaging and honest, and he brought enthusiasm and energy both to smaller, more intimate classroom settings he attended as well as to the large assembly where he spoke. He clearly understood his audiences and what would hold their interest. He really knows kids and what they care about, and all the students he spoke to were hanging on his every word. Most importantly, not only was he entertaining, Mr. Ford delivered an important message for middle school students that resonated with everyone present, and he left many of them feeling inspired, empowered, and appreciated. I would ask Mr. Ford back to our school in a heartbeat.
— Oregon Episcopal School
We hosted Jamie Ford for a community read of LOVE AND OTHER CONSOLATION PRIZES. Working with Jamie was a delight. His presentation was thoughtful, creative, and humorous. Our audience was completely charmed by him. Jamie is a seasoned public speaker and provided excellent content along with great personality.
— Vernon Area Reads
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