Host Feedback for
Jessica Keener

The Newburyport Literary Festival had the pleasure of including Jessica Keener in its program in 2014 and 2018. In the 2018 Festival, Jessica appeared in a solo reading for Strangers in Budapest, and in a panel discussion titled, “Traveling Abroad: Novels Set in Distant Places.” At both events, we had large crowds. Jessica did a terrific job of summarizing the plot line of her novel, talking about how and why she chose the setting for her book, and providing insights about her writing process. She’s a warm, friendly person with a passion for writing, who loves to meet her readers. We would definitely love to invite Jessica back to the Festival in future years.
— Newburyport Literary Festival
Unbound fest.png
We were thrilled to welcome Jessica Keener to the Unbound Book Festival in 2018. She discussed her novel, STRANGERS IN BUDAPEST, with Steve Yarbrough, and was very well received. In addition, Jessica exhibited considerable chutzpa by agreeing to participate in a jazz concert at the end of the festival, where she read a poem by Carl Sandburg while accompanied by a live band. Not many authors would have dared try such a thing (in front of a sizable audience, to boot), and for this she has my undying admiration!
— Unbound Book Festival