Host Feedback for
Madeline Miller

Madeline’s visit was a HUGE SUCCESS!! She was such a major hit with absolutely everyone—undergrads, MFA students, professors, the public both young, old, and in between—everyone was enchanted and impressed and thrilled. She’s gracious, beautifully appreciative, extremely low-maintenance. Madeline is a gifted, natural speaker. Aside from an astonishing (yet unpretentious) command of the source materials for her novels, what’s more impressive is her ability to give the audience a concise yet fascinating synopsis of the tales she’s researched.
— Butler University, Visiting Writer Series
Madeline spoke to an absolutely full house here at our Central Library, delivering slices of history, mythology, and plenty of humor to a room full of Circe fans. She was warm and funny, and educational. Our social media feeds have been full of gratitude for bringing her to Des Moines since the event ended.
— AViD Authors Series, IA
Easttown Library, PA

Easttown Library, PA

Madeline was terrific! She was knowledgeable, a great speaker, humorous, personable and she charmed the audience. I can’t thank her enough for coming to Easttown Library. Before our audience left the room they were complimenting her and remarking on the wonderful program. Many customers stopped at our front desk and reserved books that she spoke about. She has definitely caused a classic wave in the reading of our customers. Thank you both for her accepting our invitation to come. This is one author’s visit that will be talked about for ages.
Madeline Miller spoke honestly, passionately, and with humor about her path to becoming a writer. By her example, she encouraged the audience of students and faculty to see how learning and writing—even academic writing—are creative, artistic endeavors. She showed us what it means to care so much about a character (Patroclus, Circe) that you will not rest—you will even re-write or start completely over—until you bring that character to life. The students benefitted enormously from hearing of her dedication and resilience. Moreover, they were keenly interested in how her experience as a director of plays, specifically Shakespeare, guided her approach to character development. From Madeline’s keynote address to her class visits to her creative writing workshop, she was energized and engaged, listening sympathetically and offering thoughtful insights to everyone she encountered. We were so lucky to have her on campus!
— Chatham Hall
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Madeline Miller is the best speaker that we’ve had for our annual Classical Day in decades. I can’t conceive of any way that we will ever have a better experience.
— Franklin & Marshall College
Madeline is such a fine speaker - the audience was enchanted. She was funny and enlightening and so easy to work with throughout the entire trip. She was so humble and seemed to genuinely appreciate everything we’d done to celebrate Circe as our 2019 One Read title. She engaged with our staff prior to the event and at the conclusion of the event stayed and signed books for an hour and a half. She didn’t leave until the whole line had a chance to get their book signed. We appreciated her willingness to go this extra mile and make sure our patrons had a fantastic experience getting to meet one of their favorite authors.
— Springfield-Greene One Book
Ladies, Lunch and Literacy Event

Ladies, Lunch and Literacy Event

She entranced the entire audience of 50 fans who would have gladly stayed an additional hour to have her continue talking about Circe and her amazing knowledge of … well, seemingly everything!
We were so honored to get to host Madeline for such a lively, thought-provoking book and presentation. Our promotion of the event was easy in that there was a great deal of enthusiasm for her and her work manifest in the bay area. We did do lots of creative signage around the gorgeous cover of her book, with ample display tables throughout the store. Just letting people know she was going to be at the store allowed the excitement to begin to well up! Madeline was terrific. She revealed her scholarly and expert depth of Greek mythology in the “how” she wrote both Achilles and Circes novels. Coming down from the podium, she spoke to everyone with such candor and precision about the construction and origin of her research….all with humility and humor. And best of all, she had many young fans- a group of college students drove all the way from Merced to see her and have her sign their books. It is so great to see that elusive generation of readers really excitedly rally around such fine writing. Passionate crowd, wonderful event. We all got a boost in IQ by the end!
Book Passage Bookstore

Book Passage Bookstore

Madeline was an engaging speaker, and the audience was immediately drawn in. They were engaged and had excellent questions, which Madeline answered fully and well. Attendees stopped to tell me what a great evening it had been for them.
We were delighted with Madeline Miller’s participation in the 2019 Nantucket Book Festival. She was generous enough to appear as one of our three opening night speakers, brief focused expressions on one topic, as one of three panelists for a very successful Fiction Panel and again for a solo presentation on Circe. I have seen Madeline several times, including our second Festival in 2013 when she presented THE SONG OF ACHILLES. She is always a stunning and engaging speaker, whether in Nantucket, Key West or Sun Valley. She was one of the authors chosen to be featured in our Author Advocate program this year, in which various committee members and serious readers choose an author to promote before the festival.
— Nantucket Book Festival