Host Feedback for
Mitchell Zuckoff

Mitch brings those terrifying months in New Guinea into perfect focus, while entertaining and engaging his audience. It was wonderful, and we’re a tough audience.
— Kate Dobson, Cancer Clinics of Excellence
Mitch is a funny, dynamic speaker, and our audience was enthusiastic about his presentation. I couldn’t have asked for a better speaker for this event. He ranks near the top of my list of favorite speakers, and I’ve been doing the speaker program here for a quarter of a century!
— Nelson D. Lankford, Ph.D. Vice President for Programs, Virginia Historical Society
Mitchell Zuckoff did a wonderful job as our CommunityREAD author. Lost in Shangri-La generated lots of great discussion in our community, drawing attention to CommunityREAD from some groups we don’t normally appeal to. Mitch related well to all of the groups he spoke with, including high school students, professional women and the general public. We’ve had lots of positive feedback from community members in attendance.
— Sarah Clevidence, Findlay-Hancock County Public Library
Mitchell Zuckoff is an engaging speaker with thorough knowledge of his subject. He entertained and informed a high school audience, and provided an informative and appropriately humorous presentation for adults. Those who had already read Lost in Shangri-La were thrilled to gain ‘inside’ information, and those who had not yet read the book were inspired to do so.
— Deborah Grimmett, Abington Public Library