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“Debut author Collier offers an expressively told, inspirational novel that considers grief, chronic illness of a family member, and anxiety while showcasing the power of practicing love, empathy, and self-determination.” – Publishers Weekly

Nicole D. Collier grew up in Atlanta, GA, the only child of an accountant and a public school librarian. After graduating from Atlanta Public Schools, she went on to Florida A&M University where she finished summa cum laude. She later earned an M.S. from Florida State University, and a Ph.D. from the University of Georgia.

After a career as a fourth grade teacher, she’s now a change strategist and leadership coach at Personality Matters, an executive training and development firm.

Although Nicole writes for all ages, her first love is middle grade contemporary fiction. Young people are trying to discern who they are vs. who they want to be, and how to bridge the gap between the two. Nicole’s stories are in that gap.

The Georgia peach has recently relocated to St. Petersburg, Florida with her husband, Phillip. A self-proclaimed ever-victorious woman, she’s been known to run, dance, and turn cartwheels on sunny days.

She’s the author of Just Right Jillian and The Many Fortunes of Maya (HarperCollins/Versify).

The Many Fortunes Of Maya

Versify |
Children’s/Middle Grade

In this lyrical novel that will appeal to fans of Meg Medina, Maya turns to her trusty “wheel of fortunes” for guidance on the toughest questions—like why her best friend suddenly feels far away, or when her Daddy will move back home. But can Maya find the courage to write her own fortune? 

Maya J. Jenkins is bursting with questions:

  • Will she get the MVP award at this year’s soccer banquet?
  • Who will win the big grill off between Daddy and Uncle J?
  • When will she pass the swim test and get a green bracelet?

For answers and a dose of good luck, 12-year-old Maya turns to her Wheel of Fortunes, a cardboard circle covered with the small slips of wisdom she’s collected from fortune cookies.

But can the fortunes answer her deep-down questions? The ones she’s too scared to ask out loud? Like, where did Mama’s smile go, the real one that lit up everything around her? When will Daddy move back home? And most of all, does she have enough courage to truly listen to the voice in her heart?

Just Right Jillian

Versify |
Children’s/Middle Grade

In this heartfelt middle grade novel from debut author Nicole D. Collier, fifth grader Jillian must learn to speak and break free of her shell to enter her school’s academic competition and keep her promise to her grandmother. 

Fifth grader Jillian will do just about anything to blend in, including staying quiet even when she has the right answer. After she loses a classroom competition because she won’t speak up, she sets her mind on winning her school’s biggest competition. But breaking out of her shell is easier said than done, and Jillian has only a month to keep her promise to her grandmother and prove to herself that she can speak up and show everyone her true self.

A warm and relatable middle grade debut novel about family, friendship, and finding the confidence to break free from the crowd and be who you truly are.


Inventing the Wheel

Just right for aspiring authors and lifelong learners. Nicole shares her writing process from idea through finished draft using photos and excerpts from one of her novels. She provides an insider’s view of the editorial and cover design process.


Writer's Workshop

Participants will analyze and discuss key qualities that make fiction come to life, before writing, revising, or critiquing a short piece of their own. Topics include metaphors, revision, constructive feedback, or others customized upon request.


Journey to Jillian

Nicole always wanted to become a children’s author, yet she didn’t publish her first novel until her late 40s. She facilitates an interactive conversation about her circuitous journey to publication, and what it takes to reach your dreams.


The Neuroscience of Creativity: Crafting A Personal Victory Strategy

During this interactive talk, Nicole shares about the ways the brain processes threats, why it can hinder your creativity, and what you can do to boost your chances of creative success. Participants leave with a personalized list of actionable habits.


Constructive Conversations

Just right for writers ready to offer and receive critique for revisions. Nicole discusses roles in the writing process, and the difference between revision and editing. She shares about the importance of critiques for revision, and offers a sample critique protocol, along with time to practice. [Participants should have a short piece ready for feedback. For a longer workshop, we can draft a short piece and solicit feedback].


Inventing the Wheel

Nicole leads an interactive presentation/ conversation about what it takes to reach your dreams. It’s a great intro for readers new to Nicole’s novels.

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Honors, Awards & Recognition

Just Right Jillian is a Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Book Award Nominee
Just Right Jillian was named to the Cooperative Children’s Book Center’s best of the year list, CCBC Choices 2023
Just Right Jillian has been named to the Bank Street College of Education’s Children’s Book Committee’s The Best Children’s Books of the Year 2023
The Many Fortunes of Maya
is a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection
The Many Fortunes of Maya has earned two starred reviews from Kirkus & Publishers Weekly

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