Robert Atkinson

Robert Atkinson, Ph.D., author, speaker, and developmental psychologist, is a 2017 Nautilus Book Award winner for The Story of Our Time: From Duality to Interconnectedness to Oneness, an internationally recognized authority on life story interviewing, a pioneer in the techniques of personal mythmaking and soul-making, and a member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, a project of the Source of Synergy Foundation.

He is the author of nine books, including The Story of Our Time, called “…a must read by the widest of global audiences…” by Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Mystic Journey: Getting to the Heart of Your Soul’s Story (2012), which was called “an exquisite exploration of the spiritual craft of soul-making” by Jean Houston. Of his memoir, Remembering 1969: Searching for the Eternal in Changing Times (2008), Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul, said it was “profound, friendly, inspiring, and nostalgic… I loved it.” He also assisted Babatunde Olatunji with his autobiography, The Beat of My Drum (2005), of which Pete Seeger said, “It is good to have this book, with his words, to tell his story more completely.”