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Therese Anne Fowler

Therese Anne Fowler made a very effective appearance in our Great Lives series, speaking on Zelda Fitzgerald in 2014. While here, in addition to presenting a formal lecture, she had dinner with a few of our patrons before the talk, as well as lunch with a larger group earlier in the day. She proved to be quite personable and, I believe, made a positive impression on everyone.
— UMW Great Lives Series
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The 2017 NCSU Libraries Friends of the Library Fall Reception was a splash because of Therese Fowler and her book Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald. We hosted a 1920s themed party with a live band, and played clips from the Amazon Series based on her book. Therese dazzled the audience during a Q and A with the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Dean. Therese was so friendly and easy to work with, a very welcoming and authentic author whose personality charmed attendees during our festive event.
— NCSU Friends of the Library
Therese Anne Fowler: Mesmerized all 250 literary members present with her sparkling enthusiasm about her new novel “Z”. Along with humor and compassion, she spoke of Zelda Fitzgerald’s upbringing, her stormy relationship with Scott and her misunderstood mental problems. Therese also spoke of her background and her writing process. Members left the luncheon “singing her praises”. Therese Anne Fowler remains one of our favorite authors to have visited our little berg of High Point.
— High Point Literary League
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Therese Anne Fowler was a big draw at this year’s Unbound Book Festival at two separate events. She and her husband, John Kessel, had an entertaining discussion about their literary careers, and what it’s like to be married to another writer, and then she appeared on our historical fiction panel. Therese was a joy to welcome to our festival from start to finish. She is a wonderfully smart, articulate, and funny – everything you want in a guest author.