Host Feedback for
Vesper Stamper

Vesper Stamper’s presentation of her powerful book, WHAT THE NIGHT SINGS, addresses the creative process in combining words and images. A valuable lesson for emerging storytellers.
— School of Visual Arts
Vesper Stamper brought her book, the message of it and the meaning of her illustrations, alive for our students! The importance of learning from the Holocaust came through in her presentation and in her workshops. Her advice and expertise shared with our art students and student writers was right on the money like an older, big sister sharing her experiences and knowledge. Our students soaked up her message and took a lot home with them about strengthening art skills, writing skills, and life skills. She had our kids on the edge of their seats!
— New Milford High School
Vesper’s time with our students was outstanding and her presentation of WHAT THE NIGHT SINGS was poignant and timely. A winner on all counts!
— Gordon College Art Department
In WHAT THE NIGHT SINGS, Vesper Stamper manages to capture the craven inhumanity of the concentration camps in a writing so tenderly human that when it ends, and at last you catch your breath, you realize you’ve been guided through that dark chapter in history by a master storyteller. It is an astonishing debut.
— Pratt Institute