Host Feedback for
Wiley Cash

Wiley provided the opening discussion for our 2019 literary festival, Greensboro Bound. He was gracious, entertaining, and informative to a full house. Throughout the evening, Wiley addressed a range of topics — from writing craft to contemporary Appalachia — with humor, personal stories, and well-informed reflections. His talk was a festival highlight! Greensboro Bound loves working with Wiley. Scuppernong Books loves working with Wiley. He is a complete Southern gentleman; charming, smart, and engaging.
— Greensboro Bound Festival
Wiley Cash is a witty, thoughtful speaker who relates well to his audience. He’s knowledgeable about the craft of writing, as well as the cultural/historical research that informs his own work, and he’s able to share that knowledge effectively with a diverse audience. Altogether, this makes for a presentation that’s as entertaining as it is informative. He also took the time to speak with his fans and to engage with everyone there, which attendees really appreciated.
— Rowan Library
The Abingdon community was delighted to have Wiley Cash visit with us during the the Washington County Public Library’s 20th anniversary of its successful “Sunday with Friends” literary series. Wiley held the packed-in audience spellbound for an hour and a half with his reading from “The Last Ballad,” humorous anecdotes about the ups and downs of his literary career, and especially answering many questions about his writing process, his development as a writer, etc. He is certainly a young writer to watch!
Washington County Library

Washington County Library

Licking County One Book

Licking County One Book

THE LAST BALLAD was very compelling and Wiley was very charismatic and engaging during his talk and question and answer session. The audience was very engaged and eager to meet him face-to-face at the book-signing segment. We would welcome him back in a heartbeat with a future publication!
Wiley was witty, insightful, and connected well with his audience. From start to finish, his approach to a very difficult topic was invitational. He did a great job of engaging a room full of diverse people with a lot at stake in the conversation. Throughout the hour, Wiley built bridges and people enjoyed meeting him on them.
Wiley Cash is an engaging and dynamic speaker, and his enthusiasm was on full display during our annual Dinner with an Author event. Even while he and his family had to evacuate their coastal North Carolina home during a hurricane, Wiley kept in contact with our group and was ready to change travel plans if needed to make it work. The best example of Wiley’s friendly nature was during our sponsor reception prior to the dinner. During this invitation-only event, Wiley was extremely courteous to each of our guests, taking the time to engage in conversation, sign copies of his book, and pose for photos.
At all three of our campus events, Wiley was relatable (especially to the students), engaging about how he “found” his story and detailed about his research for his writing. By doing all of these, he connected across the board – with students, faculty, staff, administrators and the community. He was a relaxed presenter whether in small or large group setting. I imagine his familiarity with college campuses allows for this comfort level but also, it’s part of his personality. He was a pleasure to work with prior to and during the scheduled date. I HIGHLY recommend him to college campuses.
East Carolina Univ - Pirate Read

East Carolina Univ - Pirate Read

It was a pleasure having Wiley speak at our event, he is very well spoken, intelligent, and funny. The ladies truly enjoyed hearing what he had to say and he definitely inspired an interest in topics that most had never heard of before. He has a very unique point of view as a writer and I truly enjoyed listening to his thought process as a writer and his inspiration for his stories.
— Indian River and Treasure Coast Literary Societies