AU Praise

“You are awesome communicators who help to bridge and facilitate the connections between hosts and authors into an exciting, rewarding, and easy experience. Continue on with your good work!”

"I wanted to pass along to you the well deserved praise from the coordinator, for your splendid organizing. They commending you – and there was real appreciation for you facilitating this collaboration. They all think you are awesome- and I concur!"

“You are truly a delight to work with. I really appreciated your organization, and how deftly you worked out a great solution for the scheduling situation we ran into. It was one of the smoothest and easiest events from a logistics set up I have done, honestly!”

"Simply put, Authors Unbound is outstanding to work with. The communications and payment system is efficient. Plans and event itineraries are always timely, comprehensive, and easy to understand. Anytime I have questions or need information, they are on the spot. I’m not sure what else an author could ask for. AU is first rate."

“You all were great to work with! I can’t tell you how much I appreciated the media deck you provided. It made it so simple to promote the event and the pieces looked great. You were great and easy to communicate with and all the arrangements went very smoothly. I also appreciated that you were proactive with all communication—I was never waiting for information.”