Andrew Forsthoefel

Andrew Forsthoefel Inspires Students to Listen

Andrew Forsthoefel is the author of Walking to Listen, a travel memoir (based on his This American Life radio piece) about a year he spent walking 4,000 miles across America after his graduation from Middlebury College in 2011.

Walking to Listen has been chosen as the all-school read for many schools, academies and universities this fall, including Tabor Academy, Langley High School, and Elms College. Andrew has earned wonderful feedback in engaging with students as a storyteller, listening teacher, and workshop facilitator.

Andrew’s hope is to connect with more students in this way, to share the power of walking with and for one another—the power of listening. The remarkable stories in this book—stories that happened on the road, with a large and diverse array of Americans—are a testament to the ways in which listening is the keystone component for healing in our hurting country.

There’s never been a better moment to help our young people learn how to listen thoughtfully. If you’d like to explore options for a visit with Andrew, be in touch with us today!