Jessica Shattuck

Jessica Shattuck’s WOMEN IN THE CASTLE Movie Adaptation Casting News

Courtesy of Hollywood Reporter
Posted September 2, 2020

Kristin Scott Thomas, Daisy Ridley, Nina Hoss Team for WWII Drama Women in the Castle. Adapted from Jessica Shattuck’s 2017 New York Times bestseller, the film unites ‘The Wife’ trio of Jane Anderson, Rosalie Swedlin and Embankment.

The film, set in the ruins of WWII Germany, is a heart-wrenching and hopeful tale of secrets, survival and the astonishing power of forgiveness. Three women, bound by their past and clinging to each other for a future, must grapple with the realities of liberation from the Nazis, and face the consequences of decisions they cannot undo.

Women in the Castle is scheduled to shoot early 2021 in Eastern Europe. Get in touch with us today to book Jessica Shattuck for an author event to line up with the film’s release!