Margaret Renkl

Margaret Renkl on Earth Day 2021

Margaret Renkl, contributing NYT Opinion writer covering flora, fauna, politics and culture in the American South, shares an Earth Day reminder “that we are living creatures all the same.” She is the author of the books Late Migrations: A Natural History of Love and Loss and the forthcoming Graceland, At Last: Notes on Hope and Heartache From the American South.

Renkl discusses how “many people no longer feel a connection to the natural world… We’ve come to think of nature as something that exists a car ride away.” She invites us to see and interact with the beauty and joy in the nature that is all around us. “These encounters remind us that we are surrounded by creatures as unique in their own ways as we are in ours.”

“Thursday is Earth Day, and even if you can’t observe it by planting trees or pulling trash out of nearby streams, this week is a good time to remember that it’s never too late to become a naturalist. And the first step is simply waking up to our own need for the very world we have tried to shut out so completely.”

Read Margaret Renkl’s full opinion piece by following this link and be sure to take time this Earth Day to give the natural wonder around you some extra love and attention.