Elissa Altman

Elissa Altman Announces Return of Award-Winning Blog Poor Man’s Feast

Elissa AltmanElissa Altman has announced the return of her James Beard Award-winning narrative blog Poor Man’s Feast. The blog was originally launched in December 2008. Of its new iteration on Substack, Altman writes “…it has long been my goal for [Poor Man’s Feast] that it be not only my own digital journal that exists at the intersection of sustenance, nature, and the creative spirit, but that it also be interactive. Meaning: this is not just about me—it’s about all of us: every one of us who is compelled by the questions that shape the way we live. Who are we? How do we sustain ourselves and our spirits? How do we move forward in a world so seemingly bent on self-destruction? How do we reconcile the act of breaking bread —- literally and metaphorically —- with such profound personal and cultural crisis? How do we feed each other at a time of such radical, moral need? How do we move forward in a way that sustains and nurtures each other, the planet, our families? How is it possible to be, as Jonas Salk said, a good ancestor?

Access to Altman’s posts will be available to all. Paid subscribers will also get access to the more interactive portions of the site. Plus, a portion of their monthly subscription will be donated to battle the climate crisis. Find Poor Man’s Feast here: https://poormansfeast.substack.com