Author Spotlight: Jas Hammonds

Jas Hammonds

Meet Jas Hammonds, the award winning author of We Deserve Monuments and Thirsty (which just hit shelves on May 14th!).

Jas has been received widespread recognition and accolades, with nods of encouragement from the Highlights Foundation, Baldwin for the Arts, and Lambda Literary. Oh, and let’s not forget the cherry on top: the MacDowell James Baldwin Fellowship.

Jas’s literary journey hit warp speed with their debut novel, We Deserve Monuments, snagging the prestigious 2023 Coretta Scott King – John Steptoe Award for New Talent. But wait, there’s more! They also scored as a finalist for the B&N YA Award, earned spots as an Indies Introduce and Indie Next Pick, and even became an indie bestseller. Talk about a whirlwind of success!

And just when you thought Jas couldn’t get any cooler, along comes their latest masterpiece, “Thirsty,” hitting shelves in 2024 like a literary comet. Brace yourself for a raw and real exploration of addiction.

But beyond the long list of accolades, Jas’s literary passion is for celebrating and reflecting on the experiences of queer Black folks. If you haven’t already, drop everything to read both We Deserve Monuments and Thirsty.













“John has graced has graced my stage three times and I’m going to ask him back again. The reason John is such an extraordinary speaker is that when he walks up to a podium, he owns it. This man will have your audience eating out of his hands. He’s funny…he’s authentic…he’s heartwarming…and he tells the greatest stories! Your crowd will be rolling in the aisles. He’s just a funny man with a heart as big as all literacy. You’d be lucky to have him. Call me and I’d be happy to talk to you!”
— Robie Scott, Producer of The Post & Courier Book & Author Luncheon