Author Spotlight: John Searles

John Searles

John Searles is the award winning author of the novels Her Last Affair, Help for the Haunted, Strange but True and Boy Still Missing. His novels are unnerving blend of riveting mystery, shocking twists and burning romance. Strange but True was adapted into a film by Lionsgate in 2019. His work has received critical acclaim, awards and widespread recognition.

With a captivating backstory and unique path through the literary world, Searles brings an impactful presence. He has an MFA in creative writing from New York University. His creative drive led him into years as the Books Editor, Executive Editor, Editorial Brand Director and Editor-at-Large at Cosmopolitan magazine. After the publication of his first book, Boy Still Missing, Time named him a “Person To Watch”.

His transition from book critic to author was seamless – each novel has received widely positive reviews. In addition to his books, John’s personal and travel essays, book and restaurant reviews have been published in the New York Times, Washington Post and numerous other magazines, newspapers and websites. His humor, perspective and twists make everything he writes an absolute delight.










“John has graced has graced my stage three times and I’m going to ask him back again. The reason John is such an extraordinary speaker is that when he walks up to a podium, he owns it. This man will have your audience eating out of his hands. He’s funny…he’s authentic…he’s heartwarming…and he tells the greatest stories! Your crowd will be rolling in the aisles. He’s just a funny man with a heart as big as all literacy. You’d be lucky to have him. Call me and I’d be happy to talk to you!”
— Robie Scott, Producer of The Post & Courier Book & Author Luncheon