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Jane Green Cracks The Secret To Happiness in Her Column “Dear Jane”

Originally Published by The Daily Mail

February 28th, 2024

By Jane Green

Jane Green’s column “Dear Jane” in The Daily Mail offers a space for advice and self-realization. In her most recent article, Jane explores the different masks that she’s worn over the years: “From trophy wife to tequila-swigging party animal – like so many women I had no idea who I really was, says agony aunt DEAR JANE. Then I cracked the secret to happiness”.

Like many women before her, and many women after her, Jane has slipped into roles that were laid out for her. From trying on personalities and lifestyles in her early twenties, to a marriage that she thought fit the mold of what life should look like, this article explores the limitations of living in-authentically.

“Like many insecure women I know, I have always been something of a chameleon. I may not have known who I was, but I had the ability to turn myself into whoever I thought I needed to be in order to fit in — or, whoever I thought you needed me to be.”

Jane (best-selling author Jane, mother of 4 Jane, divorcé Jane, bohemian party girl Jane and every Jane in-between) writes beautifully about the journey of self-discovery. Who we think we’re meant to be and who we truly are are often layers apart. True happiness is more about accepting and loving the messy bits and pieces of ourselves and trying to be as authentic as we can.

“This time, I showed up simply as Jane — and for the first time ever, I felt fully embraced.”

Read the whole article here.