AU Author Onboarding

We’re so glad you’re here! Below you’ll find a rather long (sorry about that – we’re thorough!) form requesting the information we’ll need to build your speaker profile on our website. Don’t worry if you aren’t able to provide absolutely everything we’ve requested… we’ll have lots of time to review and finesse as we go. And keep in mind – you’re able to save your entries and continue later if needed, in case you’d like to tackle this in more than one sitting. Simply click the “Save and Continue Later” icon at the end of each section, and copy the link provided in a safe place. 

We want to take a minute and introduce everyone on the AU team!  At any given point, you might be in touch with several of us at a time – we collaborate closely on each event, as each of us has a role to play in the confirmation process.

Fielding Invites, Negotiating Details & Scheduling

Christie: Director and Events Agent  Christie oversees all things AU. She signs the contracts and the checks – the buck stops here! 

Haley: AO Events Agent
Haley works with our university and non-profit hosts seeking authors on environmental topics

Rebecca: AOL Events Agent Rebecca is our go-to woman for kid-lit progamming, school visits, and educator resources


Allie: AU Associate Events Agent Allie works with libraries and other literary-focused hosts, putting together book-focused events

Sending Contracts, Creating Itinearies and Updating Profiles

Jeni: Contracts & Accounting
Jeni sends our contracts, makes sure our invoices go out on time, and that authors are paid


Jenn: Event Designer 
Jenn works with AOL & AU authors to book travel and create event itineraries


Emily: Event Designer 
Emily works with AO & AU authors to book travel and create event itineraries


Amy: Admin & Author Liaison
Amy is the director of details! She keeps our data streamlined, and manages Author Updates

Without Further Ado...

Completing this form should take around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how thorough you’d like your page to be. Having the items below near to hand will help speed up the process! If you have ANY questions at all as you go, please feel free to reach out to Amy (click here to email Amy) .  She’ll be happy to walk you through it! 

  • Social Media links, your favorite news articles and video clips
  • A list of your accolades, awards and accomplishments
  • Any feedback you’ve received from previous hosts
  • A list of Talks (with short summaries) that you’d like to have on offer for potential hosts
  • Completed W9 (a blank form sent in your onboarding email, but feel free to upload one you’ve already completed)
  • Completed ACH Authorization (a blank form was sent in your onboarding email)