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Earth Day 2023
The Earth is what we all have in common.  – Wendell Barry
Earth Day 2023 will be Saturday, April 22. In other words, it is fast approaching and the time is now to book for your April programming. We have a host of Authors Outside speakers who specialize in inciting passion, knowledge, and, most importantly, hope to engage a community on topics of the environment, climate change, and the natural world.
Amitav Ghosh
Born in Calcutta and raised in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, Ghosh brings an astute and global perspective to his complex narratives. Both timely and timeless, The Nutmeg’s Curse situates the origins of the contemporary climate crisis in Western colonialism.

Elizabeth Rush
In The Quickening, Rush documents the historic and momentous expedition to Thwaites glacier in 2019. The book highlights voices that often go ignored: the women and persons of color on the ship. Their stories are shared alongside a vision for a better future.

Sue Inches
What can ordinary citizens do about climate change? Environmental policy expert Susan B. Inches is passionate about instilling hope for the future alongside actionable steps. Advocating for the Environment is an easy-to-understand, empowering guide to help people take action and enact environmental change.

Audrey Peterman
Audrey Peterman was the 2022 recipient of the National Park Conservation Association’s Centennial Leadership Award; the award marks a penultimate accomplishment in 27 years that Mrs. Peterman has been striving to help change policies and customs resulting in park users and employees being more reflective of the diversity of the American population. In From My Jamaican Gully to the World, she shares her riveting story: personal journey to shaping public policy.

Full Ecology
Best-selling nature author Gary Ferguson & social psychologist Mary M. Clare have linked their expertise to reveal and describe what they call Full Ecology. Their riveting keynote addresses, workshops and retreats are grounded in an innovative blend of cutting-edge biology, storytelling and social science.

Kinari Webb
Physician and founder of two nonprofits, Health in Harmony and Alam Sehat Lestari, Kinari Webb is equally passionate about the natural world and humanity. Guardians of the Trees is an astounding memoir that documents her passion: a global initiative to heal the world’s rainforests and the communities who depend upon them.

Priyanka Kumar
A lifelong naturalist, Kumar is deeply passionate about birds and wild animals—and about restoring their ecosystems and stemming biodiversity loss. Per Publishers Weekly, her vivid stories about her fieldtrips in the wild and her reflections “inspire and enlighten.”
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