Covid-19 Concerns

To our Event Partners: In light of COVID-19 Concerns

To our Event Partners:

There are many questions and concerns about postponing events nationwide. We are working closely with all authors and venues to evaluate the current virus outbreak situation in each individual area, the author’s ability to travel, the CDC’s recommendations, as well as other factors. The safety of all attendees and authors is our #1 priority.

We will be in touch to check in and assess your situation ahead of your event. Moving forward, keep in mind that no news is good news:

  • Authors/Speakers: If you do not hear further from us, your event is still in the planning process and scheduled

  • Hosts/Coordinators: If you do not hear further from us, you may assume the author/speaker still plans to travel to your event

  • Should either change in any way, someone from our office will contact you immediately

It’s our goal to work with each event partner to make whatever adjustments and common sense precautionary measures are needed, in order that we might avoid cancellation or postponement.