The Universe is speaking. Are you listening? Do you know how to?

This deck will teach you how to not only hear the universe, but to connect with it, and to recognize the voices of your ancestors as they guide you to new levels of clarity, insight, and evolution. Get the most out of this experience by using this journal in tandem with the Elemental Alchemist Guide Journal.

Sisters Nyasha Williams and Grace Banda—with vibrant illustrations by Kimishka Naidoo—present Elemental Alchemist Oracle Deck and Guidebook, a beautifully informative and grounded guide to divination by way of decolonization of the mind and spirit. As a young woman who grew up in both South Africa and the U.S., it didn’t take Nyasha long to realize that if she wanted to tap into and celebrate the traditional spiritual practices of her ancestors, she would need to first break down the oppressive walls within her own mind placed there by centuries of colonization, and help others in her community to do the same. With this beautifully designed 40-card deck and guidebook, she and her sister are doing just that.

If you are ready to slow down, tune in, and get grounded, this intentional collection is for you.