Learn Resilience Through These Survival StoriesExtreme Survival is the long awaited followup to New York Times best-selling author Michael Tougias’s The Finest Hours. This thriller will have you mentally on the edge-of-your-seat as you read these true survival stories and learn useful survival techniques

Explore the stories and the causes of manmade disasters. To answer the question of why disasters happen and how some survive, Tougias interviewed over 100 people who survived against all odds, first chronicling their harrowing survival stories, and then discussing in detail the lessons learned. Both an exciting and informative read, this book provides the entertainment and exceptional research fans expect.

Learn resilience through the mindset of a survivor. Tougias shares what a person is capable of when under pressure and facing different types of disasters. Surviving disasters requires extreme survival techniques to kick in at just the right time All of Michael Tougias books have a level of deep survival laced within the pages. Learn how to rise against the odds in your personal and professional life.

Inside, you’ll find:


If you like non-fiction survival books like The Gift of Fear, Deep Survival, or If I Live Until Morning, you’ll love Extreme Survival.