Malia has big ideas and boundless energy for problem-solving her mom’s new job in this joyful picture book that’s perfect for young families juggling work and play.

Malia loves two things: spending time with Mom and dreaming up Great Ideas. That’s why they call her Great Idea Malia! (Or at least . . . they should!)

When Mom gets a big new job, she is busier than ever. Malia realizes that Mom needs help. Time for some Great Ideas!

1. Malia cleans Mom’s office—sweeping her paperwork into the recycling.
2. Malia answers all her emails—with random emojis.
3. Malia even jazzes up her presentation— with cute dinosaurs and unicorns.

When it turns out this was not the help Mom had in mind, Malia needs a better-than-ever Great Idea to make things right.

Explore the big power of “small” ideas in this relatable story with a lovable mother-daughter duo, fabulous art, and inspirational—if slightly misplaced—energy.