Introduction to Environmental Studies: Interdisciplinary Readings provides students with a carefully selected collection of articles that help them navigate the most important topics in environmental studies, focusing on different connections between humans and the environment. The anthology emphasizes voices outside the white, male canon to provide students with diverse perspectives and a broader understanding of contemporary issues within the discipline.

Opening chapters introduce environmental studies, sustainability, and the connection between humans and the resources we extract from the environment. Subsequent chapters examine the history of environmentalism in North America, how our relationship to the environment has evolved over time, a concise survey of key environmental processes, and issues related to climate change and our climate crisis. Students read about the environmental impact of our food production processes on different countries and groups of people; issues related to environmental justice; the ways in which human population affects the environmental sustainability of our future; and sustainable energy issues. The anthology’s final chapters address environmental legislation and policies; ethical issues around consumption and collective responsibility; and the future of our environment.

Featuring compelling and timely readings, Introduction to Environmental Studies is an ideal resource for courses within the discipline.