An epic saga about a French noblewoman deserted on an island where her survival depends on the power of her faith and love—from the New York Times bestselling author of Sam.

Heir to a chateau with its own village and lands, Marguerite is destined for a life of prosperity and gentility. Then she is orphaned, and Jean Francois de la Rocque de Roberval—an enigmatic and volatile man Marguerite has never met—becomes her guardian, controlling her future. He sells her property to pay his debts, leaving her destitute, and insists she accompany him on an expedition to New France. Isolated and afraid, Marguerite befriends Roberval’s servant and the two develop an intense attraction. But when Roberval discovers Marguerite’s deception, his rage is all consuming. As punishment, he maroons her and her lover on a small island.

Once a child of privilege who dressed in gowns and laced pearls in her hair, Marguerite finds herself at the mercy of nature. As the weather turns, blanketing the island in ice, survival becomes nearly impossible. She despairs; has everyone and everything she once held dear abandoned her?

A riveting portrait inspired by the real life of a sixteenth-century heroine, and a gorgeous celebration of the power of the natural world, Isola is the timeless story of a woman realizing her true strength.