Katie the Catsitter is back with her next adventure, and this time she may need the help of an . . . elephant? This irresistibly fun, bestselling, girl—and cat—power graphic novel series is perfect for fans of Sweet Valley Twins and the Babysitters Club!

“A little evil and a whole lotta fun.” Kirkus Reviews


Katie is rocking 7th grade and being a superhero sidekick, so when a new threat puts the whole city in danger she’s ready to spring into action! She’ll just need one super secret plan, a little help from her friends (okay a lot of help!), an invitation to the city’s fanciest party, 217 slightly unusual cats, and . . . maybe a new superhero outfit. Can Katie pull off the plan of the century?! Get ready for more drama, more disguises, more fun, more friends, more secrets and more surprises than ever before! (Plus cats, definitely more cats!)

Bonus: Don’t miss the Which Cat Are You Quiz inside!