50 important events that shaped world history-for kids 8 to 12

Learning about history helps us understand how we got where we are today-and how to make the world a better place. From the rise of Mesopotamia in the distant past to the global pandemic of 2020, this kid-friendly journey takes young learners through thousands of years of history, one key event at a time.

This history book for kids features:

  • 50 essential events-Kids will learn about the origins of the world’s biggest religions, the rise and fall of empires, remarkable discoveries, amazing inventions, and more.
  • History revealed-Help kids dig deeper with amazing and informative bonus facts that expand on each event and how it fits into history.
  • Ways to learn more-Encourage kids to find out even more about these world-shaping moments thanks to suggestions for further reading at the end of each entry.

Create the perfect foundation for an elementary history education with Major Events in World History.