Matt Sprouts is back for another hilarious adventure! It’s been a few months since Matt defeated “the Curse,” and if you thought that was bad, get ready to meet Matt’s latest challenge—Nora the goat. Have you ever babysat a goat before? Trust us, you do NOT want to do it. Join Matt, his little brother Elliott, his girlfriend Grace, his best friend Eric, and a mysterious kid who lives in the forest in the HILARIOUS sequel to the bestselling book, Matt Sprouts and the Curse of the Ten Broken Toes!

After defeating “the Curse,” twelve-year-old Matt just wants to relax. But Dad has another idea—Matt needs to “build some character,” whatever THAT means. So Matt ends up a pet sitting for his neighbor, Farmer Jed. Easy enough, right?


In fact, it’s downright baaaaaaad.

The “pet” in question is Nora, an old goat with glassy eyes and short tail. Farmer Jed says she’s “special.” Matt’s pretty sure, however, that the most impressive thing about Nora is how far her eyes can roll into the back of her head.

While trying to keep track of Nora and all her mysterious actions, Matt is also helping his girlfriend Grace with her Science Fair project, attending both soccer and Cross-Country practice, and, oh yeah, trying to avoid some scary guy named Jason who seemingly wants to enact perilous revenge on young Matt. More on that guy later.

So much for “time to relax”!