Meet Tac, an unusual cat! Her pounce shakes the house, her zoomies are a doozy, and her hairballs are . . . well, fireballs. But she’ll always be family. Right?

In the tradition of Not Quite Narwhal and Wolfie the Bunny, this laugh-out-loud picture book shows that love can overcome even the biggest, most unlikely differences!

When Tyra finds a box labeled “free kittens,” Dad says she can pick just one to adopt. So Tyra chooses Tac: a BIG kitten who’s a little different from other cats.

Tyra makes sure Tac has tons of toys to play with, lots of cozy places to cuddle, and plenty of love and affection. But everything about Tac, from her zoomies to her hairballs, is bigger, louder, and fierier than other cats.

Then one day, Tac’s mischief gets out of control, and Dad says “ENOUGH!” Can Tyra find a way to prove Tac is part of the family, differences and all?

With spare, sweet text and humorous illustrations that tell another side of the story, No Cat Like Tac sends the funny but heartfelt message that family is about being yourselves, but choosing each other.