Emma is a conscientious student and has good friends. But she can’t help comparing herself to her bright and popular older sister, Julia. Try as she might, Emma can’t seem to please her mom as much as her sister does.

The more Emma measures herself alongside Julia and others, the more pressure she feels to try to change. But trying to be as good at everything as everyone else is exhausting and frustrating.

With help from her friends and basketball teammates, as well as Lexi, the French bulldog she’s dog-sitting, Emma realizes that there’s no such thing as “perfect” – and it feels better to be true to herself, instead of trying to please others. But will other people, especially her mom, understand that Emma may not excel at the same things as her sister?

Once again, Misako Rocks!, creator of Bounce Back, presents a relatable story about friendship and family, with appealing manga-style art that readers will embrace.