“Audrey opens up the country to us in a whole new way. She weaves the beauty, history and culture she has found in our national parks into a spellbinding story that makes me want to get out there even more.” — Rue Mapp, founder, Outdoor Afro, California

“Audrey’s love of nature bubbles over in her writing. Her love for the national parks is equaled only by her love for people.” — Juan Martinez, National Geographic Emerging Explorer, Wyoming.

“It’s like reading the Bible. Audrey perceives the special connection between nature and God, and expresses it so beautifully.” — Marie Fabry, educator, New York.

“Audrey’s writing is so vivid, I feel like I am there with her, whether it’s in the wilds of Alaska or the historic town of Harpers Ferry, Virginia. This book is a welcome guide for anyone interested in history, beauty, nature, travel, adventure or just understanding what it means to be an American.” — Al Calloway, historian and writer, Florida.