To build a Rube Goldberg Machine, all you need is a pile of junk and a great imagination. Rube Goldberg’s granddaughter, Jennifer George, has teamed up with world-renowned Rube Goldberg machine builder Zach Umperovitch to show us just how true that is in this comprehensive guide to building Rube Goldberg Machines at home. Written in partnership with Rube Goldberg’s granddaughter herself, Jennifer George, this book breaks down how to build a variety of machines that solve simple problems in complex ways. Progressing in difficulty with each chapter, kids (and builders of all ages) will learn how to construct super simple machines that fit on a tabletop, to hard ones that take up entire rooms or yards! Learn how to start chain reactions that refill your popcorn automatically on movie night, open umbrellas, and even pack a picnic, one step at a time. Filled with famous quotes from Rube Goldberg, jokes, fun facts, and tips and tricks to make building as successful as possible, this book is sure to satisfy every family’s most curious and inventive minds!