Middle school and life on and off the basketball court are what four friends deal with in this satisfying conclusion to the 4 for 4 series. Here are four very different boys dealing with family, friends, school, and sports, told in a believable and accessible style.

Jackson, Gig, Isaac, and Diego, four sports-loving friends who have always stuck together, are getting used to the routines of middle school: detention, tons of homework, and a bit of drama where girls and school dances are concerned—there’s a lot on their plates.

One thing the boys are looking forward to, however, is basketball season. The court may be unpredictable, but it’s nothing compared to their lives. Jackson’s mom is marrying her boyfriend. Isaac and Diego may not even play basketball, because they have so many other things going on. And Gig is worried about his father, who is still stationed in Afghanistan.

Here is a story about how life, like sports, can be unpredictable, frustrating, and exhilarating. Take Your Best Shot by John Coy is part of the 4 for 4 series, an action-packed middle grade series for young readers about four boys from diverse backgrounds who deal with family, friendship, and school situations.