Make reading comprehension a blast with 100 activities for 4th graders

Show 4th graders how much fun practicing their reading comprehension can be. This workbook is full of exercises that help kids develop essential reading skills while exploring fun stories. Get kids primed for school with engaging lessons that cover everything from identifying themes to understanding poetry and building their vocabulary

  • 100 activities–Keep kids interested with puzzles, word searches, and graphic organizers that get their minds working.
  • Key reading topics–4th graders can deepen their understanding of what they read by practicing comparing points of view, recognizing story structure, describing characters, and more.
  • Progressive skill building–Students will discover reading comprehension fun and games that start simple and grow more challenging to match their growing skills.
  • Targeted learning–These exercises are aligned with the national standards for 4th grade learning and include labels to indicate which core skill each one teaches.

Give early readers a boost in school with this colorful 4th grade workbook for reading comprehension.