Randi Lewis is not the kind of girl that most folks want around. She curses. She yells. She skips school. She gets in fights. Her clothes are dirty. She smells.

She has a bad reputation.

But behind all of this ugliness is a damaged girl with a secret life. A life filled with pain, loneliness, and anger.

It’s the first day of her seventh-grade year, and she’s ready for a change. She has plans, and none of them involve ruining her own life before she makes it out of middle school.

She just has to ignore all of the mean looks, pointed whispers, trash talk, and harsh words–from kids and adults alike.

Easy, right?

But if she has any hope of making it, she must find a way to keep her Ugly Me locked inside. Because if she lets her take over again, she may not be able to recover…

Walk a mile in the shoes of an at-risk child with this book written by a middle school administrator serving a high-needs population. A stunningly written fictional tale based on the real-life experiences of real students, Ugly Me is an entertaining, touching, raw look at life through the eyes of one of our nation’s many suffering children. It’s a must-read for all middle and high school students, educators, parents, and social workers.