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“Written in rhyme and featuring soft pastel illustrations, this title demonstrates how bringing new people into our lives, even though it can sometimes be scary or uncomfortable, can happen and can make our lives better for it.” — School Library Connection

Brad Montague is a New York Times bestselling author of books for kids and former kids. He is creator of the web series Kid President, The Circles All Around Us, and, most recently, The Fantastic Bureau of Imagination. Brad lives in Tennessee with his wife and kids. He can currently be seen as the host of the television special The Kindness Project on The Magnolia Network via Max.

As a storyteller, his inspiring stories, and imaginative resources, are used in classrooms around the world daily. As creator of the award-winning hit series Kid President, Montague wrote, directed, edited, and led the project to collaborations with the White House, the United Nations, Beyoncé, and more. As an author and illustrator, Montague’s books have captured hearts and imaginations around the world.  As a creative consultant, Montague works regularly with companies to elevate their abilities to tell stories, impact culture, and inspire change. As a speaker, he connects deeply and uniquely with every audience on whatever stage he finds. Montague speaks regularly to companies, creatives, schools, and beyond.

He and his wife, Kristi Montague, work together at their studio, Montague Workshop, in Henderson, Tennessee. The mission is to nourish compassion and creativity in the lives of kids and former kids.

His books Becoming Better Grownups, The Circles All Around Us, and The Fantastic Bureau of Imagination are all invitations into living a life of wonder and love. Releasing September 10, 2024 from Penguin Random House will be the newest picture book, FAIL-A-BRATION. It’s a playful and profound look at what it means to live with creativity, compassion, and community.

Brad's Featured Titles


Dial Books |

New York Times bestselling duo Brad and Kristi Montague are throwing a big party to celebrate failures, in this fun and affirming book that finds the joy in trying and learning, even if you don’t succeed

You are cordially invited to a giant fail-a-bration party! Bring with you the cake that came out lopsided, the spelling test mistakes, or the plant that died.

Brad and Kristi Montague have started a movement for kids and adults alike to celebrate the way failing actually means you tried and learned something. Failing doesn’t have to bad! It’s just part of the process of learning to do something better.

So if you missed the goal during that soccer game or burned the cookies, put on a party hat and join the fail-a-bration, to let the fail fires light the way to success!

The Fantastic Bureau of Imagination

Dial Books |

From New York Times bestselling author Brad Montague comes a top-secret, behind-the-scenes peek at the official agency that keeps the world’s creativity flowing.

Every day, special figment agent Sparky delivers all the mail the FBI receives to the proper department, like the Office of the Unexplainable or the Department of Dreams. It’s a big job, but Sparky keeps everything running smoothly . . . until disaster strikes when the Cave of Untold Stories overflows and threatens to topple the whole bureau. It turns out too many people have been holding in their big ideas, and now Sparky must recruit more agents to share their dreams, songs, and stories with the world.

And now, dear reader, will you join the effort and become a special agent before it’s too late? The FBI is counting on you!

The Circles All Around Us

Dial Books |

The debut picture book from the creator of the viral sensation Kid President is a moving take on how we can create bigger and bigger circles of community and connections as we grow—now a New York Times bestseller!

In the circles all around us, everywhere that we all go, there’s a difference we can make and a love we can all show.

This is the story of a circle. When we’re first born, our circle is very small, but as we grow and build relationships, our circle keeps getting bigger and bigger to include family, friends, neighbors, community, and beyond. Brad Montague originally created Circles as an Instagram video adorably narrated by his kids, and now this picture book adaptation is the perfect way to start a conversation about how to expand our worlds with kindness and inclusivity—even if it seems scary or uncomfortable. This book makes an ideal new-baby, first-day-of-school, or graduation gift, or any milestone that celebrates someone’s world getting bigger.

Becoming Better Grownups: Rediscovering What Matters and Remembering How to Fly

Avery |

A New York Times-bestselling author looks for the meaning of a good life by seeking advice from the very young and the very old.

When his first book tour ended, Brad Montague missed hearing other people’s stories so much that he launched what he dubbed a Listening Tour. First visiting elementary schools and later also nursing homes and retirement communities, he hoped to glean new wisdom as to how he might become a better grownup. Now, in this playful and buoyant book, he shares those insights with rest of us –timeless, often surprising lessons that bypass the head we’re always stuck in, and go straight to the heart we sometimes forget.

Each of the book’s three sections begins with the illustrated story of “The Incredible Floating Girl.” Brad weaves this story together with lessons of success, fear, regret, gratitude, love, happiness, and dreams to reveal the true reason we are here: to fly, and to help others fly.

Beautifully designed and featuring Montague’s own whimsical 4-color illustrations that appeal to the kid in all of us, Becoming Better Grownups shares the purpose and meaning we can all discover merely by listening, and reveals that–in a world that seems increasingly childish–the secret to joy is in fact to become more childlike.

Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome

HarperCollins |

“This is life, people. You got air coming through your nose; you got a heartbeat. That means it’s time to do something,” announces Kid President in his New York Times bestselling book, Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome. From YouTube sensation (90 million views and counting!) to television star, Kid President—young Robby Novak—and his videos have inspired millions to dance more, to celebrate life, and to spontaneously start parades. Kid President is here with sixteen pages of all-new content in the 256-page, full-color paperback edition of Guide to Being Awesome that’ll help spread love and inspire the world.

In his Guide to Being Awesome, Kid President pulls together lists of awesome ideas to help the world, awesome interviews with his awesome celebrity friends (like Beyoncé, Michelle Obama, and Jeff Foxworthy!), more than 100 tips to make the world a better place, and a step-by-step guide to make pretty much everything a little bit awesomer. Grab a corndog and settle into your favorite comfy chair. Pretend it’s your birthday! (In fact, treat everyone like it’s THEIR birthday!)


The Wonder Talk

A tin can with a string is transformed into a direct line to the President of the United States. A cardboard box becomes the start of a worldwide annual campaign to help people in need. A blank sheet of paper becomes stories and drawings that impact culture in a big way. New York Times bestselling author and Kid President creator Brad Montague  shares the secrets to living and making things full of wonder.

This presentation can be modified for any audience and any age. Also available with an extended companion Wonder Workshop.


Better Grownups

After becoming a new dad, New York Times bestselling author Brad Montague set out on a quest to become a better grownup. He interviewed kids in all 50 states about what they thought a good grownup looked like. He also interviewed people who’d actually grownup – men and women over the age of 100. Along the way, gaining insight and wisdom on how to live. This inspiring and funny presentation helps remind any audience of their purpose, their passions, and that a better world for kids (and former kids) is possible.


I Created a Monster

From scribbling characters on the backs of his homework to creating bestselling books for kids and grownups, Brad Montague knows how messy the creative process can be. This fun, funny, and engaging presentations helps young writers discover the imaginative possibilities within them and around them. Students also get a glimpse at real ways their creativity and compassion can help create a better world.


Using Social Media to Create Change

Brad shares his experiences using his popular YouTube series and videos to help create positive change in the world.


Kid Correspondent

In his Guide to Being Awesome, Kid President pulls together lists of awesome ideas to help the world, awesome interviews with his awesome celebrity friends (he has interviewed Beyoncé!), and a step-by-step guide to make pretty much everything a little bit awesomer. Grab a corn dog and settle in to your favorite comfy chair. Pretend it’s your birthday! (In fact, treat everyone like it’s THEIR birthday!) Kid President is here with a 240-page, full-color Guide to Being Awesome that’ll spread love and inspire the world.



It’s time to reimagine how we look at failure! This playful talk (or workshop) examines how fear and anxiety can keep us from trying, discovering, or creating new things. It’s an invitation to throw a party and fail better.

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