“If you want a perspective of trauma from the lens of the child, this is it.” — Community Services Provider

J.E. Stamper is the author of Ugly Me, a stunningly written fictional tale based on the real-life experiences of real students, and its sequel Perennial Girl. He is a public school educator and author who lives in Virginia with his amazing wife and their incredible children. He is plagued by senseless optimism, an overactive imagination, and an insatiable appetite for nerdy crap (you know, like wizards and lasers and stuff), all of which he channels into his writing, hoping to bring a little more joy and understanding into the world. His fantasy novels include A Fool’s Venture: Burrows & Beasts: Book 1 and The Paladin’s Curse: Burrows & Beasts: Book 2.

Ugly Me  is a touching, entertaining, “I read it in one sitting”-worthy look at the issues of childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences. The book series is touted as a “must read for all students, parents, and teachers.”


J.E. 's Featured Titles

The Paladin’s Cure: Burrows & Beasts: Book 2

Independently Published |
Middle Grade Fiction

They thought it was over, but they were wrong. Dead wrong

After barely surviving the monsters and magic of a fantasy dungeon come to life, Dave, Johnny, and Walt want nothing more than to put the whole thing behind them and go on with their normal, boring lives.

But a desperate phone call, a mysterious disappearance, and a deadly lingering injury that can only be healed with magic make it clear that someone–or something–is pushing them toward another fateful encounter with the fantasy realm. A realm where, unbeknownst to them, a vicious undead army awaits.

It’s time to level up and get back in the game…before it’s too late…

The Paladin’s Cure is the exciting second installment of Burrows & Beasts, author J. Edward Stamper’s thrilling fantasy series. If you’re a fan of sword and sorcery fantasy, urban fantasy, or LitRPG, then you’ll love a series which combines all of their best traits in a bingeable, fast-paced, captivating, magical fantasy adventure.

A Fool’s Venture: Burrows & Beasts: Book 1

Independently Published |
Middle Grade Fiction

Can three unsuspecting gamers overcome the deadly monsters and magical mayhem of a fantasy game come to life, or will this be their final “Game Over?”

Jumanji meets Dungeons & Dragons in this thrilling, bingeable series!

Dave, Johnny, and Walt are best friends and die-hard gamers on the hunt for new, more exciting experiences. But when Dave mistakenly signs up the group for what he thinks is a live-action roleplaying game in an imposing mansion, things get a little too…real.

And when they suddenly find themselves trapped with vicious, deadly monsters in a fantasy dungeon come to life, they uncover the plot of a maniacal mastermind intent on blurring the lines between fantasy and reality to take over the real world.

Can they muster the courage to use their newfound tools and skills and become the kind of heroes they’ve only ever pretended to be, or will they succumb to the monsters and mayhem of this deadly dungeon?

Find out in A Fool’s Venture, author J. Edward Stamper’s thrilling series starter which blends the best elements of your favorite fantasy genres into a blazing-fast, captivating, binge-worthy thrill ride!

Perennial Girl: Ugly Me Book 2

Independently Published |

She’s scared. She’s hungry. She’s exhausted.

How much longer can she hold on?

Randi Lewis is a month into seventh grade, and things definitely aren’t going as planned. After a terrible sixth-grade year, she was hoping to really turn her life around.

But the same old problems are still haunting her:

Bullying, middle school girl drama, teachers who don’t want her around, an incarcerated father, an abusive mother, acute poverty, a home with no food…

Just to name a few…

But after her life is threatened during a late-night home invasion, Randi is left with a choice:

Finally open up and seek help or add one more thing to a long list of painful secrets.

As she struggles with the choice, she knows she can’t take much more before she finally breaks…

Written by a public school educator, this book is a touching, entertaining, “I read it in one sitting”-worthy look at the issues of childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences.

Read the book series that readers tout as a “must read for all students, parents, and teachers.”

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll emerge with a new perspective and a fresh empathy.

Ugly Me

Independently Published |

Randi Lewis is not the kind of girl that most folks want around. She curses. She yells. She skips school. She gets in fights. Her clothes are dirty. She smells.

She has a bad reputation.

But behind all of this ugliness is a damaged girl with a secret life. A life filled with pain, loneliness, and anger.

It’s the first day of her seventh-grade year, and she’s ready for a change. She has plans, and none of them involve ruining her own life before she makes it out of middle school.

She just has to ignore all of the mean looks, pointed whispers, trash talk, and harsh words–from kids and adults alike.

Easy, right?

But if she has any hope of making it, she must find a way to keep her Ugly Me locked inside. Because if she lets her take over again, she may not be able to recover…

Walk a mile in the shoes of an at-risk child with this book written by a middle school administrator serving a high-needs population. A stunningly written fictional tale based on the real-life experiences of real students, Ugly Me is an entertaining, touching, raw look at life through the eyes of one of our nation’s many suffering children. It’s a must-read for all middle and high school students, educators, parents, and social workers.


Hear J.E. Stamper Speak

Looking for an experienced, dynamic speaker for your next event? J.E. Stamper offers engaging talks and workshops covering a wide variety of topics in the fields of public education, writing, productivity, and self-publishing.


Ugly Me and Childhood Trauma

60 minutes, Adult Audiences

Josh speaks about his work with underserved students and students who have experienced high levels of trauma (16 years and counting). He recounts the people and events from his time as a classroom teacher and school administrator that changed his perspective on public education and inspired him to write. His storytelling will touch, inspire, and invigorate.

During the talk, Josh will share concrete examples of classroom strategies as well as a long list of things to avoid when working with traumatized youth.

His audiences leave this talk with a renewed sense of purpose and clarity, ready to make a difference in their students’ lives.

Coming Soon!

J.E. Stamper’s Fantasy

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