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“Johnson showcases the difficult boundaries of race, class, and education as she explores the obstacles and consequences that confront those who seek to cross them.” — Booklist

Sadeqa Johnson, a former public relations manager, spent several years working with well-known authors such as J.K. Rowling, Amy Tan and Bishop T.D. Jakes before becoming an author herself. She is a New York Times Bestselling author of five novels. Her most recent novel, The House of Eve was an instant New York Times Best Seller, Target book club pick, Reese’s Book Club selection and NAACP Image Award Nominee. Her previous novel, Yellow Wife, was named by Oprah Magazine as “27 of 2021 Most Anticipated Winter Historical Fiction books.” Yellow Wife was also a 2021 Goodreads Choice Award finalist for historical fiction, a 2022 Hurston/Wright Foundation Legacy finalist, a BCALA Literary Honoree, the Library of Virginia’s Literary People’s Choice Award winner, and a Barnes & Noble book club pick in paperback.

Sadeqa’s novels have received starred reviews from Kirkus and Library Journal and have been featured in top reads lists by NBC, Good Housekeeping, Christian Science Monitor, Reader’s Digest, Off The Shelf, W Magazine, Country Living, Hollywood Life, Parade, She Reads, and many others. She is a passionate public speaker and writing coach. She teaches for the MFA program at Drexel University and is a writing instructor for Story Summit. When she’s not writing or reading library books, she’s practicing yoga, meditating, hiking and dancing.

Originally from Philadelphia, Sadeqa currently lives near Richmond, Virginia, with her husband and three teenagers.

Sadeqa's Featured Titles

The House of Eve

Simon & Schuster |
Women’s Fiction

1950s Philadelphia: fifteen-year-old Ruby Pearsall is on track to becoming the first in her family to attend college. But a taboo love affair threatens to pull her back down into the poverty and desperation that has been passed on to her like a birthright.

Eleanor Quarles arrives in Washington, DC, with ambition and secrets. When she meets the handsome William Pride at Howard University, they fall madly in love. But William hails from one of DC’s elite wealthy Black families, and his parents don’t let just anyone into their fold. Eleanor hopes that a baby will make her finally feel at home in William’s family and grant her the life she’s been searching for. But having a baby—and fitting in—is easier said than done.

With their stories colliding in the most unexpected of ways, Ruby and Eleanor will both make decisions that shape the trajectory of their lives.

Yellow Wife: A Novel

Simon & Schuster |
Historical Fiction

Born on a plantation in Charles City, Virginia, Pheby Delores Brown has lived a relatively sheltered life. Shielded by her mother’s position as the estate’s medicine woman and cherished by the Master’s sister, she is set apart from the others on the plantation, belonging to neither world.

She’d been promised freedom on her eighteenth birthday, but instead of the idyllic life she imagined with her true love, Essex Henry, Pheby is forced to leave the only home she has ever known. She unexpectedly finds herself thrust into the bowels of slavery at the infamous Devil’s Half Acre, a jail in Richmond, Virginia, where the enslaved are broken, tortured, and sold every day. There, Pheby is exposed not just to her Jailer’s cruelty but also to his contradictions. To survive, Pheby will have to outwit him, and she soon faces the ultimate sacrifice.

Second House from the Corner

St. Martin’s Griffin |
Women’s Fiction

How far would you go to protect your marriage?

In Sadeqa Johnson’s Second House from the Corner, Felicia Lyons struggles to sprint ahead of the demands of motherhood while her husband spends long days at the office. When the children won’t stop screaming her name or arguing over toy trucks and pretzel sticks, she sometimes wonders what it would be like to get in her car and drive away.

Then one evening the telephone rings, and in a split second Felicia’s life is turned upside down. She hasn’t been completely honest about her upbringing, and her deception forces her return to her childhood home, where she must confront the family demons and long-buried secrets she thought she had left behind.

And Then There Was Me

St. Martin’s Griffin |
Women’s Fiction

Bea and Awilda have been best friends from the moment Awilda threw her fourteen year-old self across Bea’s twin-sized bed as if they had known each other forever. Bubbly, adventurous Awilda taught sheltered, shy Bea how to dress, wear her hair and what to do with boys. She even introduced Bea to her husband, Lonnie, in college, who pledged to take good care of her for the rest of their lives. But philanderer Lonnie breaks that promise over and over again, leaving Bea to wrestle with her self-esteem and long time secret addiction.

Recently Lonnie has plopped the family in a New Jersey upper class suburb, which lacks the diversity that Bea craves but has the school district and zip code envy that Lonnie wants. The demands of carrying a third child and fitting into this new environment while pretending that her husband is not cheating on her again, is more than she can handle. And just when she thinks things can’t get any worst, the ultimate deception snaps the little thread that was holding her life together and all comes tumbling down.

Sadeqa Johnson’s And Then There Was Me is the story of love and friendship, heartache and betrayal. It’s the journey of a woman stripped down to her lowest point and needing to find the will to press on.

Love in a Carry-On Bag

12th Street Press ( |
Women’s Fiction

Can a long distance love affair really survive? Erica Shaw spends her week babysitting the country’s bestselling authors for one of the top publishing companies in New York City. But on Friday nights she escapes to DC, where her sexy-lipped musician boyfriend, Warren Prince, works and performs. Their connection is fierce, and the couple promises to never miss a weekend together. But when real life walks in—an overbearing father, an alcoholic mother, office politics, and a lucrative job contract—the couple starts unraveling at the seam. Tempers flare, violence breaks, while new lovers eagerly wait in the wings—to claim both of them. Drenched in the perils of passion and the sweet-sounds of jazz, Johnson dives deep into the world of ambition and the stumbling blocks of family. Clever, fast-paced and sexy, Love in a Carry-on Bag is a modern day love story that marks the healing power of forgiveness and begs the question, how much baggage is really too heavy to carry. 2012 USA Best Book Award for African-American Fiction 2013 Phillis Wheatley Award for Best Fiction 2013 OOSA Best Book Award for Fiction Black Expressions Book Club Alternate selection for May 2012


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Honors, Awards & Recognition

NAACP Image Award Nominee 2023
Target Book Club selection, February 2024
New York Times Best Seller
Reese’s Book Club Pick
Apple Best Book of 2023
Goodreads Best Book of 2023
Audible Best of the Year Selection 2023
Indie Next Pick 2023
NPR’s Best Books of the Year Pick 2022
Barnes & Noble Book Club Pick 2022
Hurston/Wright Foundation Legacy finalist 2022
BCALA Literary Honoree 2022
Library of Virginia’s Literary People’s Choice Award winner 2022
Goodreads Choice Award finalist for historical fiction 2021
Phillis Wheatley Award for best fiction

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