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Sita Singh was born and raised in India, immersed in the rich storytelling traditions of her multigenerational household. When she moved to the United States in 1999 and began raising her three children across Eastern and Western cultures, Sita discovered a lack of children’s books reflecting her vibrant heritage. This void inspired her journey into the world of children’s literature. An architect by training, Sita found her true calling as a children’s author, crafting heartwarming stories set against a South Asian backdrop.

Sita made her authorial debut with Birds of a Feather (Philomel Books/Penguin Random House), a powerful story about embracing differences and inner beauty that earned selection for the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. Her follow-up, Mango Memories (Anne Schwartz Books/Random House Children’s Books) is a joyful celebration of family, treasured traditions, and the king of fruits. Coming in 2025, Indigo Hands (Anne Schwartz Books) is an ode to advocates of the indigo dye around the world.

Sita believes stories possess transformative power to ignite cultural curiosity, nurture social-emotional learning, and foster empathy across communities. Driven by this belief, her books and educational programs aim to raise awareness about diverse cultures, develop critical social-emotional skills, and cultivate empathy in young readers.

Sita's Featured Titles

Mango Memories

Anne Schwartz Books |

Here is a completely captivating picture book that celebrates family, tradition…and mangoes!

Every summer, the branches of a little girl’s favorite tree droops heavy with mangoes. And this year, she is finally old enough to help her family harvest them.

Her brother shares a memory about his first time mango picking: his father holding him steady as he reached high above for the fruit. But when the girl climbs the tree, she becomes too dizzy. Then her grandma shares a mango memory: learning, many years ago, to toss a stone that knocked the fruit from the branches. But when the girl throws her stone, she keeps missing.

How can this little heroine create her own mango memory if she can’t even pick a mango?

Narrated by a determined young Indian child, and set in a lush mango grove, here is a picture book that honors generational traditions and beautifully introduces young readers to a culture with which they may not be familiar.

Birds of a Feather

Viking Books for Young Readers |

Differences are gorgeously illustrated in a heartwarming picture book about a colorless peacock who learns to love himself in a jungle full of color.

Mo has always felt a little different. While all the other peacocks grew bright, bold, beautiful feathers in rich greens and vibrant blues, Mo’s feathers grew in a snowy white. And even though Mo’s friends try to include him in their playtime, Mo doesn’t like to be reminded that he’s different from his friends. But when a storm threatens to ruin the group’s annual celebration, Mo must learn to stand tall, strut his stuff, and shake his brilliantly glowing tail feathers–in a way only he can–to help his friends and set things right.

From debut author Sita Singh, and brought to life by Stephanie Fizer Coleman, comes a story about finding strength in the things that make us different, and beauty in all its forms.


Picture Book Reading And Q+A Session

Sita does an interactive read aloud of one of her picture books and answers questions from the audience.
Grade level: Prek, K, 1st, 2nd


Proud to be Me

Sita talks about the inspiration for her picture book Birds of a Feather and highlights the emotional journey of the main character. Through interactive reading and conversations about self-acceptance, inclusion, and friendship, Sita inspires the children to share their own feelings, be proud of who they are, and know that we all belong. Attending her presentation will help students empathize and reflect on the importance of embracing diversity and building an inclusive community.
Grade level: K, 1st, 2nd


Let's Learn Feelings

Sita talks about growing up in India, the country’s love for mangoes, and the inspiration for her picture book Mango Memories. Through interactive reading and conversations about feeling left out, Sita guides the children to live the emotional journey of a character who experiences personal growth. Attending her presentation will help students tap into that universal fear that everyone faces at some point—the fear of not belonging or being excluded.
Grade level: K, 1st, 2nd


Unwrapping the Gift of Traditions

Sita talks about growing up in India, the country’s love for mangoes, and the inspiration for her picture book Mango Memories. Through interactive reading and conversations about family traditions, Sita inspires the children to make connections to personal experiences and the experiences of others. Attending her presentation will provide students with an opportunity to appreciate cultural diversity, explore the richness of traditions, and gain a deeper understanding of their own heritage as well as others’.
Grade level: 3rd, 4th, 5th

Birds of a Feather Guide

Birds of a Feather Crossword Puzzle

Birds of a Feather Coloring Sheet

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Mango Memories Guide

Mango Memories Crossword Puzzle

Mango Memories Coloring Sheet

Mango Memories Word Search

Honors, Awards & Recognition

Birds of a Feather is a Dolly Parton Imagination Library selection.

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